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  1. Thanks! Any rules about using bots to gather data or are the rules only for ones that "play the game"?
  2. Meows and chases turtle

  3. Where did Featherine’s magnificent neko ears go? What she for mere horns to replace them?

  4. Basically, I'm looking for a source of data which shows long term trends in market prices over a larger period of time, for the purpose of data analysis for trading. By a larger period of time, I'm looking at least 6 months or longer. Have any alliances got accurate data up to that length? I've only had this account for a few days and I'd rather not wait. As gathering the data myself would take too long for my tastes.
  5. I actually recall reading a 40K Fanfic with Chaos corrupted cats - Though it didn't end well for them in the end.
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