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  1. Oh, you are in TKR now, now I know why you posted what you did LOL Seems the lie addiction got you too
  2. I was there too Though I'm not sure what you mean by "One of the commanders in Knightfall", talking yourself up because you where in the coalition chat and drafted up targets like the rest of us? Do you think what cooper said was an accurate statement, where Knightfall was "TKR getting rolled for secret treaties"? And then cooper went on some crazy redemption arc with it LOL Ofc it wasnt, and you know this. NPO was back-stabbed and shown the unadulterated TKR crazy with what happened with Kayser and their treaty, a lot of the smaller people where no CB dogpilled and wanted to get TKR back, TKR protected people who stole Pantheons bank and even put them into gov, BKs was...manyfold, TS couldn't give less of a shit about it, and I know Kayser was quite happy with his revenge Where you in that now defunct whale alliance? They did hit because of GOB, but it was because of the uppertier consolidation with TKR+TCW+GOB, and you know that.. GOB's treaty being secret had absolutely no meaningful effect on why knightfall happened.... .....and you know this...
  3. While Cooper was lying, if TKR membership is the same as what it was when I was in there, I think you are are genuine in saying that is your takeaway from me pointing out the overt lies and hypocrisy. It's just how TKR rolls, everything is twisted to suit their narrative with them, and nothing will change their minds from that. When the membership just supported what was done to Kayser, I saw this cult-like crazy firsthand =/.
  4. And yet more lies and Hypocrisy from TKR. The irony from this is just so extreme I have to say something XD Knightfall, when the game collectively rolled TKR into the ground, was the culmination of several story arcs of groups who had grievances against TKR coming together. It sure as hell was not "TKR getting rolled for secret treaties" LOL. T$, who had the secret treaty with you, was on the the side rolling you that war..(Which would prevent it from being a CB) ... and I dont even think IQ knew about it...let alone was why they joined us in rolling you LOL. Out of my convos with IQ leadership about TKR, it wasn't mentioned once. You guys gave them plenty of good reasons to want to roll you.. This is just more lies and hypocrisy from TKR. And that's the irony: Posts like this, lies and hypocrisy as your FA narrative, was a major part of why you ACTUALLY got rolled hahahaha It truly blows my mind how you guys can be this deluded. And the idea that knightfall somehow redeemed TKR of anything is absolute BS... you guys handled the negotiations like shit and most of the parties involved hated you more after the war then before. TKR's addiction to lies and hypocrisy guaranteed a subsequent war IMO This was a lie, TKR has used secret treaties when it has benefited you: And then you claim that TKR has principal? In the very post that you try to cover a lie with another lie? Hahahaha This is so crazy, Please, I very much doubt that many, if anyone, in TKR even understand what the word actually means. Certainly you dont.
  5. TKR leadership does love to omit important facts when spewing their BS to their members. TKR had a 'secret treaty' with TS when I took over Pantheon my last go around, this hypocrisy and disingenuous FA is why a large part of the game felt they needed to get rolled in Knightfall. Not that this is the worst example of TKR gov BSing their members/others, what they did to Kayser certainly tops this... It's how TKR has been for a very long time, they are the bad guys. Now you are starting to understand why the game rolled them so hard in Knightfall, and during the peace talks, TKR behaved abominably as well. If they would of conducted themselves at-least...decently...I'm certain that a large portion of the game wouldn't of felt(Perhaps correctly) that they needed to roll TKR out of it to not have insane-perma enemies. TKR had someone who RPs a lunatic with an addiction to hypocrisy, as leader, and reaped the results. Their FA conduct last war shows that they never learned their lessons as well IMO
  6. It was a shame to see that all of Partisan's talk about building a more dynamic multi sphere world was BS. With his constant lying and disingenuous conduct, he was all to willing to bring back the 2 sphere dichotomy if it got him a chance at the W. I hope oneday Partisan gets to play some board-games IRL and learns how the strongest positioned player gets treated in a multi player game heh. You got outplayed, that's all. Maybe next time he's around, he'll take the L and not try go full Addrene LOL. While lying and BS narratives may be good IA if your AA is susceptible to it, it has severe negative FA consequences :P. IMO, I think the communities tolerance of this kind of conduct is why this forum is so bad. Goodbye and good riddance. Your conduct was pathetic, do better next time.
  7. It's not like you haven't repeatedly lied and been disingenuous yourself A multi sphere coalition unified against you, and you say they look like crap when they have different views on the war and lead up to it? LOL. I think if you want to see crap, there should be a mirror in the bathroom for you heh
  8. Parti seems to think he's the PnW TSwift, I think he's more the PnW Mikhail Gorbachev though LOL. I made these for another thread, but I enjoy them far more then I should, and thought I'd share
  9. If you keep saying things like "Faulty deduction" and "Flawed Logic" when referring to statements that are none of those things, but simply against your narrative, people will likely start seeing you as a joke IMO. I suspect at some point your constant lies and attempts at gaslighting will take their toll
  10. Partisan knows whats going on, and if he does succeed and meet his FA objectives by doing what he's doing, he'll just laugh about how he managed to pull it off. You're just the current person he's trying to Impero. He's done this before, he'll do it again LOL. Don't think for a second he actually eats his own BS though, that he tends to leave to others
  11. I thought I had covered my tracks well, but I did not count on the uncanny intuition of Phoenix to pick up on my trail. At this point, I see my days are numbered, so I will end it on my own terms and confess: I am the secreative HM leader. I would of gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids.
  12. I guess with a leader that doesn't even know how Ad Homs work, this type of nonsense is to be expected from their membership. Whether a nation is in VM or not isn't the deciding factor to if a person is worth responding to here, that has clearly been the case for this thread. What matters is the content of what they said, and what I said goes against Partisan's goals here. If what I said was inaccurate, there would be something for you to gain by simply showing it to be false and knocking it out of the way. If it was accurate, there would be a point to it as well, if you could use your lies, fallacies, intimidation, and gaslighting to discredit it, you can then proceed with your goals in an effective way. I think the later is clearly the case here. Please put atleast some level of thought into your next reply, you're making a fool of yourself. This is basic stuff Smith. It was pretty savage, I was more then a little happy with it, I think it's for the best really LOL. When you say publicly such derpy stuff, you should expect to get smacked. What works in the echo chamber doesn't always work so well outside It does start to seem that TS and TKR rely on intimidation for their OWF FA. With all this blatant lying, fallacious logic, nosnense, and gas-lighting, it isn't a hard task for anyone to crush it. I suppose it does suck for you guys when there is someone whom cant give less of a frick about the strength of your 2 alliances when they argue with you LOL. With how crazy you guys are, replies to TKR/TS will often have to be harsh if they are honest and accurate, and that may make some people think twice heh Though here you guys have simply proved my point about your awful culture and derpy, dishonest leaders
  13. So when I questioned the veracity of your claim, when you claimed you where fooled by Partisans lies about Swamp bringing me back from the grave, you dodged that and try to bring up irrelevant stuff LOL. VM or not, my arguments stand. And the dishonest and abominable behavior of your side is on full display. My claim originally was a direct reply to OP Incase anyone forgot, this is what it was: "I think it would be foolish of Swamp to continue to discuss this topic with you, when you have been arguing in such bad faith this entire time. If you want to understand their reasons for the war, they have gone into them in great detail already. I dont see how them giving you more opportunity to twist things would be appropriate or in their interests. I sometimes wonder if it was TKR's Echo chamber that truly ended up making half the game or so feel like they needed to roll them out the game, because convo was meaningless. If that indeed was the root cause, I would suggest they learn from the past, not repeat it." After several pages now of fallacious logic, lies, and absurd ideas from your side, you then are trying to call in Moderation to win your fights for you? LOL. I have repeatedly tried to get you guys to focus on my argument, and in typical TKR/TS derp, you then blame me for your absurd and all over the place responses hahahahahah This is simply incredible. Ty Smith, ty for this. TKR and TS continue to show off how awful their alliance cultures are.
  14. How does anyone take Partisan seriously when he does stuff like this? LOL Buro did already state things he did do, but Partisan, once again, just twists that with a nonsensical question. This is a moving the goalpost fallacy, where he re-framed the question once Boro already answered his first, as opposed to address Boro's counter argument. Because, I'd imagine, Boro did counter Partis claim irrefutably. What Buro said was an fine counter to Partis 1st post, he has listed things he has done Let me go into detail on what I mean with what boro said: 1)Well, for one, I honored my word when given to others. -This is something he did do 2)For two, I didn’t participate in rolling the game’s community and ignoring/declining their surrenders. -This one can go either way IMO, if he did choose not to engage or decline surrenders, this indeed was something he did do. If he did not make a choice and was not involved, this indeed was an absence of action. 3)Three, I never abandoned or gone afk on my alliance(s) and friends while in conflict. -Standing by his allies is something he did do. 4)As someone whom I was also referencing given our time invested in this game, I’m surprised you would ask such a stupid question. -And while not a thing he has done ingame, this is an excellent question that Partisan dodged. To question someone like Burohan on what he's done, even to someone like me who has never been fond of Buro, is dumb AF on the surface, and in reality, it's all just a bad attempt at manipulating a conversation when Parti lied again and was called out(Still dumb AF) Parti lied when he implied Boro hasnt done anything but run his mouth. Liars need to BS if they want to come off as anything but heh I have little doubt some people here dont know what a lie is, let me put this here for those of you: intransitive verb 1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive She was lying when she said she didn't break the vase. He lied about his past experience. 2 : to create a false or misleading impression
  15. Partisan said something similar when he said: "You have done neither. Your posturing and insult-slinging is rendered ineffectual by your utter lack of coherence. You have brought forward nothing but an opinion based on your misremembrances of 2-3 years old events that have no bearing on the leadup to this war. " I am just screaming nonsense you say? Nothing but opinion based on past misremembrances part says? WELL Lets go through what I have said here: -It was not nonsensical when I pointed out that Parti dodged my argument against his post -It was not nonsensical when I countered his claim of TKR being blameless with how they conducted themselves in the knightfall peace talks -It was not nonsensical when I mentioned that what Ben's argument had nothing to do with my comment on their echo chamber -It was not nonsensical when I clearly showed Leoplods claims to be false -It was not nonsensical when I pointed out what Leopld said was not what I mentioned here -It was not nonsensical When I pointed out Justins Strawman argument, when he lied about saying that I justified TKR being rolled out of the game -It was not nonsensical When I countered Kastors claim about me getting rolled again, with how I haven't been rolled heh -It was not nonsensical When I called Kastors accusation about me being sent bu people by suggesting some tin foil, heh -It was not nonsensical when I called Partisan a liar when he lied about swamp bringing me back into the game and siccing me on people LOL -It was not nonsensical when I pointed out Partisans fallacies, when he tried to suggest I offer proof over a claim he has never even disputed(Goal post fallacy), and how he then just insulted my character(Ad hom) -It was not nonsensical when I pointed out to Bollocks TKRs/TS's tactic of trying to insult/bully when they cant substantiate a point -It was not nonsensical when I said T$s culture seems to have gone to shit, the above and bellow examples alone substantiate that, and this type of stuff is in many threads -It was not nonsensical when I countered Bens claim that I use Ad homs, when I explained to the man what an Ad home actually is LOL -It was not nonsensical when I suggested to Belguim fury that he may be reading too much into too little, when he suggested that my Undefeated war record say a lot -It was not nonsensical when countered Tartaruses conflation of thins I said, when I pointed out distintions he failed to grasp. -It was not nonsensical when I put Sisyphius on the spot for saying he beleived the lies Partisan has said here -It was not nonsensical when I pointed out how TS/TKR's conduct was on the same level as Kastor's posts The facts do make it clear that there is an extreme level of confusion, dishonesty, strait up derp, and lying going on. It is evident that the entity of it is coming from TS/TKR, and a few other members. Partisans claim about what I was saying is another lie. Buwahaha. When one cant argue, I suppose one mocks heh. In all seriousness, you and your spheres arguments and behaviors where so awful, I cant say it was any sort of feat. I do really like this comment though, and while you are kidding, I will happily take my newfound title as snek slayer LOL. I really didn't think you and your sphere would be pushovers with nonsensical arguments. I never had to counter a decent point, you guys just lie, dodge and bullshit =/. Ben really didn't help either heh As for my initial claim, about how you argue in bad faith, the evidence from just this thread(And I saw much of the same in other threads..) substantiates it. It really is a damn shame to see how T$ has fallen to this point, and I think I really summed it up perfectly in my last post: TKR and T$ have been nothing short of abominable in this thread(and others), their ideas crumble under even mild scrutiny, the dishonesty of it's members and leadership is evident. Absurd statements from their leaders are on full display. This is pathetic.
  16. When it comes to the nature of the illusions we keep in our minds, it often is an attempt to re-frame reality in a way that makes us feel good. Whether that is about ourselves, or a group we are in(Like a PnW AA), your ideas, ect. In this sense, it functions like a drug. I think this creates this phenomena we all have seen here, where many people have clearly started to try and argue against me not over the veracity of my claims, but because I have punctured the good feelings people get from their illusions. TKR and T$ have been nothing short of abominable in this thread(and others), your ideas crumble under even mild scrutiny, the dishonesty of it's members and leadership is evident. Absurd statements from your leaders are on full display. This is pathetic. So you really believe partisan's lie about Swamp dragging me out of inactivity and siccing me on people? LOL I cant say I see anymore quality in TS's or TKR's posts then Kastors, we have Ben, the leader of TKR, not even know what an Ad hom is LOL. We have Partisan dodging my point and trying to get away with it using fallacious logic. T$'s culture is in a bad spot. Point 1: T$'s culture has clearly gone to shit, the evidence in just this thread alone is substantial. If you dont think this behavior is abominable, this tide of nonsensical reasoning, attempted bullying, and outright lies, I think it says more about you then it does T$ Point 2: Defeating people in arguments does not equate trolling Point 3: You are doing a strawman when it comes to the stats I posted. I posted what I did in a counter to Kastor's claim about "Roll me again", when I have yet to be rolled heh. My argument never had anything to do with my "Skill"(LOL) in war on this browser based nation sim heh. The breaking bad meme was a joke heh. Your behavior is typical of someone who seems envious though, and I'm really not sure why, there are people whom have far more kills then I do, as you pointed out. And as Shioh pointed out, it isn't a guarantee of competency. Weird flex bro. When you said you proved me to be a liar, I really had my hopes up that someone finally made an interesting argument, but it disappointingly was just an extreme lack of reading comprehension on your end(It was a picture with 2 sentences man, middle school level stuff LOL)
  17. To Batavias credit, he wasn't BSing and trying to bully people on the forums like these people . That is a trait he picked up after Pantheon My flaw in Batavia was giving him far too much benefit of the doubt, well past the point where I should of removed him though. If he would of acted outwardly on the OWF like he does now, it would of saved me a lot of time I had to deal with him heh. I want to caution others against my own mistake with saying what I did.
  18. I think you may be reading too much into too little
  19. Oh Ben, you dont know what an Ad hom actually is do you.... It isn't simply using profanity or calling people names LOL. It is attacking the person instead of the argument. If someone has a bad argument, it isn't fallacious logic to call them dumb after you have properly dealt with it LOL. If I where to just call you stupid, that would be a ad hom. If combat your argument and expose that you dont know what an ad hom actually is, and call you stupid after, that's not an ad hom, heh. How do you not know this basic stuff? I mean, if you or anyone else is buying into parti's blatant lies and BS narratives, it's on them LOL. You guys just keep saying such stupid shit XD I feel sympathy for what I saw in the other thread for some people falling prey to fallacious logic, but here, this is something else heh I do feel sad about the state of TS though, it really used to be something special in my eyes, but it's member base seems to be teeming with abominable and derpy people now =/ It's culture seems to have gone in a very bad direction, and these people here on the forums are well bellow the standards we had in Pantheon when I lead it, it's a shame to see it like this.
  20. T$'s culture really did go to shit while Ive been out =/. I cant say I saw this thread going this way
  21. It's really becoming clear at this point, when TS/TKR cant win an argument, they just try to bully you out LOL This is pathetic. I dont like the NPO, I always had a grudge against them from CN, more dishonest BS from T$ =/. I fortunately dont spend any time playing video games Though Cyberpunk 2077 will be the one I break my long fast for
  22. I thought you where better at FA then this =/ My argument to you has been: "I think it would be foolish of Swamp to continue to discuss this topic with you, when you have been arguing in such bad faith this entire time. If you want to understand their reasons for the war, they have gone into them in great detail already. I dont see how them giving you more opportunity to twist things would be appropriate or in their interests" And you have failed to even try to dispute it. You just dodge And you just gave more supporting evidence for my claim with your recent lies heh. You are trying to redefine an argument you have never disputed* LOL. What is wrong with my claim? Or is it accurate, and that is why you keep dodging it. The 2nd part of your argument is an ad hom: My musings on TKRs echo chamber's you did try to argue however, and that I countered with their behavior in the peace talks. After that it's been silence. Do you disagree with that statement I made, do you think did TKR handle them in such a manner that did not piss off the opposing coalition? This is basic stuff parti boy. Please, please tell me you passed on the sock...
  23. Can you look at the sea of retardation your sphere has vomited up, and honestly say that? I really hope that isn't the case...please tell me you didn't take the sock when Leopold tried to pass it along to you.... The idea that they are dragging me back is a lie. The claim that they are siccing me on anyone is a lie. With you lying all the time, to paint bullshit narratives, I cant blame anyone for not wanting to deal with you. You dodged this point twice, do you not dispute it then? Though after your last post, I think it would be hard to.
  24. And here is some tin foil for your conspiracy theories, noone sent me LOL
  25. A strawman Fallacy, and another one falls on the sword. I in no way justified anyone, let alone TKR, being rolled from the game. As anyone can see, my insults and assessments are accurate. If you dont like being called bad things, dont do bad things. In my 1st post, I pointed out their current echochamber problem, and was telling them of it's possible adverse effects. I was literally giving them advice on avoiding getting rolled. Look at the stupid shit you all are saying, it's a very real FA liability. People dont like working with scum. And in my most recent post, I mentioned that you guys are being rolled. I in no way said that you should be rolled out of the game Will this insanity ever end? LOL. The behavior from your side is nothing less then abominable.
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