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  1. srsly sheepy????? Now you say the problem can be solved by in-game politics??? like allot of us were saying before the changes lol What changed your mind?
  2. I'm pretty sure that is the whole point of this update. High tier alliances have a hard time dealing with low tier raiders. Even tho the high tier alliances made that choice and its just how its gonna be, its best to allow them to roll small nations aswell. Congrats you fixed that problem. Now lets just wait a few months and wait for the next o/
  3. maybe not a complete resest, but if people are serious about fixing the the war system. Its needs to be reset and re-thinked. no matter how you go about fixing it. you will never fix it. only make things worse.
  4. Honestly i don't think it matters how sheepy goes about fixing this. There will always be a problem. Any change will just shift the power in Orbis. Now its low level raiders, next will be complete top tier superiority. ( for you CNers, you should know how that works) Ill give my last opinion... The problem imo is, during this silly thing we call the peace cycle. Most people completely decom everything that has to do with military. They think there alliances and treaties will always be there to protect them. Arrgh has pretty much shown in the last few months that the treaty web basically means nothing during the peace cycle and people shouldn't rely on it during the peace cycle. Goes to show when most alliances sign treaties, they are only thinking of themselves and there interest. Basically all im saying is the treaty web is a lie. With that said, what would you expect from an raiding alliance with no treaty partners or care for the treaty web, plus with members that has completely revolved their nations around war? And there are ways that exist to beat us. You may not know it, but we do. Ill share somthing here..... When arrgh kept raiding NAC, we knew one day Rose and VE will hit us. It was just a matter of time. Then that time came and we saw rose/ve's war boner popping up. Allot of us and allot of our gov was like "oh shit, our time may have come" Cuz we knew VE and Rose had the capability to wipe us. Then later that night, we got drunken orders to preempt VE/Rose. By the next morning, our very coordinated members manage to hit anyone who was a threat to us. Then the rest of us just basically raided. So what does this say? We knew we were about to be rolled, but we used our coordination and our military we always have on hand to prevent that. We strike before there members got to powerful. We know how war works. We know the dos and donts. We know who and not to strike and when to strike. Then why is this such a problem? Only thing arrgh is taking advantage of are surprise attacks and the false reality of the treaty web. We all know the game war mechanics completely favors the aggressor. No doubt there. Its also very easy to wipe out an entire military in a single hour. --- that may need to be nerfed. i do agree there. But having zero military and relying on basically noone for protection. thats a peoples issue. Not a game mechanics issue. the current mechanics allows beat down nations continue fighting. It just seems like an issue now because arrgh is taking advantage of the peace cycle. Thats all i got to say pretty much. tl;dr: treaty web is a lie, you guys make it easy for us, everyone in arrgh knows we can be rolled so why dont you?, our military superiority comes from coordination, experience and always having a standby military, the current game mechanics allows beaten down nations to continue fighting but during the peace cycle it the best way to raid. Edit: For you people who say this isnt about arrgh, go ahead and think that. Reality is arrgh is the only one highlighting this so called problem because of our excessive raiding lately. So this whole thing is basically about Arrgh.
  5. welp, i guess its time to start raiding even harder before we are kick xd
  6. These threads are my favorites. We cant handle arrgh so lets go whine of the forums. i get it tho, wayy cheaper and easy to do this then actually dealing with us in game. Even tho people have beat us before. PP got rolled by alpha because alpha was actually coordinated and had military on hand. Never raided them again.... Mensa, T$, BK, Even GPA ffs have enough military on hand to warn us off. its not impossible guys. Unless all this shit is just to hard for you guys to do and understand. Just buy some [email protected]#$ military! All you need to do. Losing money is not the end of the world. these suggestions are pointless because it will just ruin the game for everyone else. your trying to use game mechanics to solve the raiding problem but guess what. the mechanics will affect us all! not just the raiders. even if this was implanted, People still wont buy military, still be unprotected, still being raided to nothing. So obviously this isnt a game mechanic issue. We seen it from the last change. until sheepy can make a mechanic that will motivate you to go to war, just deal with the raiders. Just a part of the game anyways
  7. From reading this, i believe your younger then what you say you are lol
  8. Glorton

    Roll GPA

    you know all this talk wants to make me go out for ice cream now Then roll GPA when i get back
  9. NAC is on there own now lol Also yay for peace o/
  10. multis would be my guess
  11. well atleast TEst got a few successful counters. This was starting to look like a one sided war.
  12. aww i actually like pax speaking of which, hope you get better.
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