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  1. Catho


    Hey There! Welcome to Orbis (Or just a playground for alex)
  2. Catho

    The Orbis Oracle (TOO): Issue 5

    Isn't Anneal KT
  3. Catho

    Hi there

    Hey there and welcome
  4. Catho

    A Possible Goodbye

    Please don't
  5. Catho

    Due to Budget Concerns

    Ok. never saw that coming
  6. Catho

    Spectrum Cable Bankrupt

    What just happened
  7. Catho

    Orbis Plays Risk

    Seems good
  8. Catho

    A comic for TOO~de geso

    "There was a coup" funniest thing I read Also the "WHy ARE ALL THE APPLICANTS DEAD" is also funny
  9. Catho

    P&W Balls: The Comics

    Yay another (very short) comic!
  10. Catho

    Arrgh! Recognition of Hostilities

    Oh so a another war or (about to happen war) thing have begun
  11. Catho

    Orbis News Issue 001 8-19-17

    Keep up the good work of the news.
  12. Catho

    P&W Balls: The Comics

    Still calling it Darth Maul
  13. Catho

    P&W Balls: The Comics

    Who is that little red eyed ball that look like darth maul version of arrgh?

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