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  1. It is an astonishing game (Three and Four) with ridiculous developers that usually produce imitations of the game for an expensive price without resolving any of the bugs.
  2. My person vouches for a simple "attribute system" that involves attaining 100 or 1000 points that could be invested in specific sports or talents in order to balance the game. It would provide newer players with the opportunity to attain a bit of recognition from a cultural perspective rather than providing wealthy nations with the ability to win through their wealth. However, your method seems agreeable considering that it would result in providing ACTIVE nations with the ability to attain a higher score rather than an inactive player with 100 points in fencing to attain a gold medal. ​Side-perks could involve utilizing espionage agents to determine whether a player is consuming steroids in order to attain an advantage within a competition, resulting in a disqualification within the competition. ​Politics and war... indeed.
  3. The Olympics could be applied to both nations and alliances since it is based on annual events. ​National Olympics (+1, determines which citizens within a nation shall participate in the continental and international Olympics), Continental Olympics (+1), International Olympics (+1), and Alliance Olympics (+1) ​12 divided by four equates to four Olympic-based events on a yearly basis OR one Olympic event on a tri-monthly basis.
  4. It increases one's involvement within global affairs from a cultural aspect that remains prevalent amongst numerous nations throughout the globe in order to increase the tourism rating of a nation.
  5. Is one aware that politics tends to consist of cultural methods towards attaining power? Usually, political leaders utilize sports as a means towards increasing their tourism rating against other nations through economic means.
  6. Hopefully, individuals shall be capable of examining the explanation in order to understand that a United Nations would EMPOWER inferior alliances and rogue states considering that the CURRENT SYSTEM involves the leaders of superior organizations dictating the affairs of the public. ​IT'S A CONSPIRACY! THE ELITE SHARE IN THE SPOILS OF WAR OVER THE BLOOD OF INNOCENT PROLETARIAN NATIONS! ​RISE UP! BREAK FROM YOUR CHAINS!
  7. Indeed, it would also involve competing against other nations that had maximized their options with a systematic "dice-roll" in order to determine the top three winners of the Olympics. In the process, subjects with 90-99 points within "weightlifting" could possess an OPPORTUNITY to attain the gold medal during the Olympics. However, the odds would be decreased when it competes against an individual with 100 points in weightlifting.
  8. My person agrees with the argument considering that cities are powered 99.99% of the time. Thus, it would be much more ethical and interesting for one to display the amount of land that is located within the city rather than it's energy supply.
  9. The issue has been resolved considering that the family member and I currently possess our own accounts within the identical dwelling place. Thank you very much for the information.
  10. One would assume that the majority of the troops are deployed overseas or outside of the state in order to combat against hostile forces rather than to remain idle within the city. Usually, a minority of militants might be stationed within their nation's city during wartime, unless troops are surrounding the nation's borders.
  11. Bawon Samedi's comments on Communist Japan's initiatives regarding it's domestic policy: "It appears that fellow Comrades throughout the globe, such as the Communist State of Japan, have begun to display the strength of the hammer and sickle. While inhabitants of capitalist nations struggle to attain food, clothing, shelter, and energy, Communist nations are beginning to assist their fellow citizens with an equal opportunity to prevail within the system. The Communist State of Samedi congratulates Communist Japan on it's progress with increasing Human Development throughout the nation. It is a reminder that numerous other Communist comrades throughout the globe should follow in the foot-steps of such a remarkable nation."
  12. The history of a nation may involve previous wars, the formation of the government, the purpose for producing the policies of a nation, and numerous other events. Thus, it would be recommended if individuals were to possess the ability to form a detailed description regarding the representation of their flag due to the limited amount of space that exists within the "history" section of the Factbook.
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