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  1. Look, I made it in there too. But where did my gun go?
  2. Would you be needing the kneecapping sticks? or can I switch the slave labor over to making seal clubs.
  3. Hey now, we may work together, but that is only because the Penguin Mafia has a standing contract with Saeton.
  4. Nation Name: Tacostan Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=9595
  5. Spill the blood and fester the wound!!!
  6. What the hell are you talking about a destroyed gas refinery?
  7. The total Infa taken has now reached $1,392.78. Money stolen, $55,696.52. Soldiers lost - 25,209. Tanks - 181. Aircraft - 23. Cost to rebuild Infa back to 700 for all cities ~$3 million Rebuild army: -soldiers: $50,418 -Tanks: $10,860, 181 Steel (cost at moment, ~$1,200) -Aircraft: $92,000, 69 Alum. (cost at moment ~$1,350) -Total Army cost: $153,278 (resources: $310350) All said and done, $3,463,628 roughly in damages.
  8. I think Brown looks better on you Ultra.
  9. Please leave all fish at the welcome desk, for your safety.
  10. Jodo did not ask me to come and join in this little slap fight. I was bored and just joined for the shits and giggles, and trust me, I am having a lot of giggles.
  11. Well you are the one who started your first war, not us. Maybe next time think carefully of who you smack talking. As for the air superiority, "The attack was a Pyrrhic victory. Emperor Ultra's forces lost 3 aircraft, while Emperor Jodo's defenders lost 3 aircraft" I hardly call that breaking it.
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