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  1. Downvoted you here, pal. Respect the heck out of you, but this is false, and you really should know better. Roz dislikes the nazi-types and mocks them plenty wherever he goes. However, if he chooses to continue to protect their alliance due to believing they should be free to act as they please, I'm not sure he can expect not to get smacked for it. It's mainly a philosophical difference in beliefs over whether Discord speech is relatable to in-game play. You and Kosmo want to roll these juvie nazi-sympathizers, I don't particularly care. I think they earned it. Might not do it myself, but you do what you think is right, and I don't think there's a great argument to be made against it. I do think there's a strong case to be made for not protecting them, and letting appropriate consequences happen.
  2. And a perfectly understandable response it was. Discord spam attacks are unacceptable regardless of content, and the things you and James have described seeing are pretty horrible. I consider both of you reliable and truthful witnesses who were simply incredibly angry at the deluge of vile content dumped on your servers. The problem I had with discord was that I couldn't make an *absolute* link between the dummy accounts I saw in the TKR attack, and the former IG. I saw Gabranth pop in (and, IIRC ping you) though, which was pretty convincing that he was not there by chance at the perfect time. I didn't see raids on Alpha or Fark channels. At any rate, what's been needed has been done, and now you have a PERFECT opportunity to retaliate unfettered by the complications of the treaty web.
  3. Let's clarify something nobody has really admitted: Nearly all the screenshots you have, and this info you mention here, came from me. Why? Because when Kosmo got upset and was too angry to bother providing ANY evidence, I went and found everything I could possibly locate, even from old IG forums. Why? Because I cared enough that even when Kosmo was kinda a dick to me for asking him what proof he had (and didn't provide much), I wanted to be sure that he was either right or wrong before I started suggesting we lynch people, or told Acadia to ignore him. I spent the better part of a decade as a criminal investigator; I know how to make a federal case, through research, surveillance, and presenting physical evidence. I found enough proof to give to Acadia's gov with a solid case that members hadn't reformed and most wouldn't apologize for previous behavior. I made the mistake of giving it to Kosmo and James when I found it, as a show of good faith. People have dumped those screens in public, without crediting the source (me) in an impatient, though understandable effort to incite the public mob to exert pressure as well. Acadia isn't run as an outright empire, and their process may have taken a bit long for our taste, but they did the right thing, and you got handed SIR on a platter as a target. Food for actual thought: Why did it take Acadia this long to act? Why was Kosmo so agressive and hostile to begin with? Why did no one but me actually present Acadia with evidence? Do you all monitor your members, let alone your protectorates, closely enough that I couldn't find dirt on them too, of which you are not aware? Do we really even need to be in the business of mud-slinging over this, when the goal was accomplished, and those who made use of nazi-like ideology or outright nazi-affiliated symbols and sayings were exposed and ostracized, not because of unsourced accusations, but through my search for proof? Final note. It's a game. Relax. We got the bad guys. Let's go after Ibrahim next. Anyone? ...Bueller?
  4. Kosmo, that you got an FA job really speaks more to the absolute apathy of literally ANYONE ELSE in Fark, than your skills. Way to be a prick about getting what you want. Oh, and gg, Acadia. Those boys were never good enough for you anyway. I appreciate your move.
  5. Edited for simplicity. A more accurate example, Syrano, would be Roz telling you to pick a meal, but with "Jewish rules." No pork, no yeast, no shellfish, all-Kosher ingredients. Moneylending is not part of jewish scriptures in the same way, that's a more tenuous connection like islamic scriptures and terrorism. And yes, I certainly didn't see any racsim from Roz, although there was potential for racism from those so inclined. Racists might say any number of distasteful things about women with darker skin tones than themselves if so prompted. "Post about the problems in your own society" amuses me. Basically, we're really gonna go down that road? (A) nobody was posting about problems, Roz likes polygamy, and (B) as rational human beings, let's apply that backwards to Germany 1936. The rest of Europe TRIED ignoring a society with problems and it got out of hand. They criticized it a lot, and eventually, we all wound up at war over it until the land-grabbing invasion of multiple sovereign nations and a genocidal purge of an entire semitic people-group was stopped. Being afraid to critique and engage in the public square is a recipe for disaster as those more malevolent ignore the rules and seize an audience. Agreed that banning the post was ridiculous.
  6. Wow. Just wow. In the grand scheme of moderation issues, this was a micro issue. Someone is clearly a little too sensitive, biased, or not particularly cognizant of actual islamic life. Roz can hardly be "mocking" polygamist tendencies of islam in a negative way when he himself advocates for polygamy. Rather, he uses islam as a shield for those who are of a certain bent, to prevent being shouted down by comparing himself to something they refuse to criticize. Headscratcher for sure. I don't think polygamy is a good idea. It is definitely a part of islam via the Quran, and if you have questions I can introduce you to my Yemeni in-laws. In fact, it's totally uncontroversial. Not as if Roz was making an argument that the Quran and Hadiths literally advocate for mass murder of all nonbelievers...which is also a debatable question, not a stereotype. Shutting down speech rather than engaging in conversation about whether there is an issue is just an embarassing example of poor moderation. And quite frankly, if you're islamic and dislike the polygamy bit...it isn't my fault that it is there, and demanding I not talk about it to spare you embarassment over it makes it appear as if you support polygamy but, deep down, feel it is shameful.
  7. You know what? I'm going to do this as a personal fabor to Roz, and in the name of scientific research, open and honest inquiry, and surveys. Caveats: 1.) These appear to be amalgamated faces composed of the broadly representative features of each people-group, so my exclusion of any should be taken as indication that I find the generalized features less attractive, not as a total exclusion of females from that group from my consideration. 2.) I don't want 4 wives. But I'll pick and rank by perceived attractiveness anyway. I'll start with excess picks and then work my way down to fitting within the rules. First glance: Above line; Martinican, Cape Verdean, Fula, RĂ©unionnaise, Tunisian, Georgian, Armenian, Buryat. Below line; Bashkir, Chechen, German, French, Belarussian, Russian, Finn. Elimination phase to follow when I have some time to edit this post. Elimination round 1: Above the line: Fula and Cape Verdean have to go, because I just don't have that much enthusiam compared to Martinican. Tunisian, because I think, like the Cape Verdean, the face feels just a little too long for me. Buryat, sorry, you're cute, but I just can't keep all of you. Below the line: French (too angular on the face) Belarussian (heroin waif face) and I guess Bashkir have to go... Remaining contenders: Above line; Martinican, RĂ©unionnaise, Armenian, Georgian. Below line: Chechen, German, Russian, Finn Final picks Eliminations: RĂ©unionnaise, with sadness...but that face just reminds me of so many hot-blooded positives AND negatives. Armenian, because, well...look one to the right. Chechen, I guess because German appeals more, and Finn, because Russian appeals more. It is pretty close between Russian and Chechen though. Final standings 1.) Georgian. Easily. Absolutely. Just wow, great. Yeah. 2.) German. Standard pretty, imo. 3.) Martinican. Interesting, different, I like the features. Eyes, lips and proportions are all appealing. 4.) Russian. Somehow, this face just doesn't have it for me as much. Narrower chin, wider at too, maybe? Am male Reasons are listed above.
  8. MY GOD. I DO have an account after all. And you made me dig it up, just to say I WANT MY DRAMA NOW!!! FASTER!! I am bored. How dare you wake me up for this half-baked, detail-void screed. A pox on you all. Wake me up when the first nuke falls.
  9. Oh, kin I also get a case a' PBR a day? PBR is tha' reason fer lyfe!! Well, PBR is the reason for my life anyway, accordin' to momma. That and the backseat of a new pickup, but I'm gettin' derailed here. How about that case a' beer? And when's the fightin' gonna start? I want to shoot at some Kentuckian invaders!
  10. Oh. Well, I see the light now. Dear Lord, forgive me for ever doubting the justice and veracity of the claim of the great people of Tennessee. The people of Dan'l Boone and cillin' b'ars on trees. And the Valley of the Three Forks of the Wolf River, home to Sgt. Alvin C. York, war hero of WWI. I shall serve Tennessee with honor.
  11. Good offer, Tennessee. But is my AXMC too long-range of a rifle for the terrain? I'm from open country and it's a bolt rifle. Might be slow for close quarters in a heavily wooded brushy forest. Maybe the semi-auto LMT is better. Here's a photo of another dude with an AXMC in a swamp. It's like he didn't realize he should keep his boots dry...
  12. Oh...Thalmor what will you pay for a designated marksman or overwatch sniper? Have an Accuracy International AXMC, an LMT 308MWS, and AR-15, will travel for the right price. Require hot meals or MREs, and will switch loyalty to Kentucky from Tennessee for the right price as well.
  13. GO TENNESSEE!! TAKE BACK OUR LAND! And...was the guy making the map drunk on Jack Daniels? Because I can't even read that shaky red scrawl. That's ok though, nobody in that part of Tennessee can read anyway.
  14. Nation Name: Kriegstaat Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=34007 Boom! Posted for bonuses.
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