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  1. granted but now you are blind i wish i knew what kfk meant in the text i received !!!!
  2. granted but it becomes super lame i wish that i would be left alone.
  3. granted but you see jack Daniel and Samuel adams arguing over which brew is better and ask you to taste test and you obey and end up getting too drunk and die of alcohol poisoning because it tasted to good i wish i owned an oil refinery
  4. granted but you get turned into turtle soup alive i wish i am stupid
  5. psss bell join me in my study of nothing in the alliance ??? that don't exist. either way i have cash i need to get rid of
  6. Kiaserland sign-up will place bid to host (not much maybe a couple hundred k just to get the ball rolling)
  7. granted but you accidentally end up in china and can't get out. i wish to be a real Kaiser.
  8. well in any case welcome to politics and war
  9. granted only issue it comes in a police outfit. i wish to be president
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