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  1. alparia

    503 Error

    Sheepy, this problem is occurring with me as well. (Yet Again)
  2. alparia

    Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable

    Here you go sir. http://prntscr.com/6g2oxp
  3. alparia

    Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable

    Hey Sheepy, P&W was working fine for me for the last 24h until 10 minutes ago when I wasn't access the game because of Error 503. I love this game and would love to stick around but this is really tampering with my nerves. Since last Friday I dealt with this and I don't have much patience..
  4. alparia

    Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable

    I'm on a private network, no multis here..
  5. It's been a frustrating weekend for me and Politics & War. I joined over the summer during the speed round/beta mode. I found the game fun and addicting, I could dimply never get off of it. School came in September, and I became inactive. Then in January (last week of January I believe) I signed up once again but unfortunately fell inactive. So on Friday evening, I decide to give the game a go once more. I sign up with my email and password, and then I'm redirected to the nation creation page. After I click "Create my Nation!", I'm taken to a page that says "Error 503 : Service Temporarily Disabled." I'm thinking the site is down for maintenance, so I close out the window. The next day, I see the same thing and now I'm getting curious because the site shouldn't be down for that long. I look up Error 503, and I find out that it means my IP has been blocked & now I'm wondering why. Looking back, I remember the account I made in January but that account had to be deleted due to inactivity. I know I wasn't creating more than one account. Today I message Sheepy on the forums, and he just fixed it for me. I log in with the password Politics sends to you, and it takes me to the nation creation page. I make my nation, and 5minutes later - Error 503. I'm getting frustrated now, and I'm thinking about leaving the game. I really don't want to, I love this game so much. Someone please help me out with this problem!
  6. alparia

    Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable

    Hello, I have received this message since Friday night. I sent Sheepy a message on facebook, a message on here, and a message on IRC - still no response.
  7. alparia

    Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable

    Hello, I have received a 503 error multiple times when trying to access the site. What happened was, I became inactive on one account; so I decided to make another on the same IP. I could have sworn my account had been marked inactive,mI haven't been on it since early February! I promise you this was not intentional and I apologize if I caused any inconvenience. If you could just give me one more chance, you have my word that I won't let you down.
  8. Alparia signs up! We also sign up for a host bid.
  9. What kind of tournament is it? The World Cup will be a soccer, (football, or futbol) RP tournament played here on this forum. How do I sign up? The first 32 teams to sign up are automatically in the World Cup. How do you sign up? All you have to do is reply to this thread by entering your nation name, and "signs up"! If your interested in hosting the tournament, simply put that on the thread as well. How will we actually play? You play by role playing. You can role play by writing match reports, match summaries, etc.. How will the matches be scored? It's up to the host, but I recommend using random number generators - you can find those all over the web. So any more questions, message me! SIGN UPS - 2/32 Alparia Kiaserland
  10. alparia

    Alparia, here

    Hello everyone, I'm not new to nation sims; my first was Cyber Nation, second was Pixel Nations, and now this! I'm currently also active on Nation States. What will I be doing on these forums? I'm trying to organize sports competitions for all role players. First I'll start with a World Cup, and then from there Basketball, etc.. If your interested in helping me organize a competition, shoot me a message & I'll gladly help. Alparia

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