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  1. If that was the agreed interpretation then fair enough.
  2. The call was already made when Syndisphere agreed to it as a term. Although they may have never had any intention of enforcing, not enforcing makes you liars. Just sayin'. ​I guess I have some major issues then because yes I do try my best to honor my word. It's this crazy idea that I have that if I honor my word people will be able to trust my word. ​If you weren't willing to sacrifice members to enforce it - here's a novel idea - don't agree to it! But, I guess Syndisphere wanted the war to end even though it was crazy super easy for you guys and not a bother at all.
  3. ​I'm absolutely 100% sure you could keep your members from trash talking in public. Of course you might have to kick some which would suck for you, but you could do it. It's really amusing that you claim you literally cannot do it. xD ​
  4. ​Yep. I didn't like the term much when I first read it but it's been.. interesting, to say the least, that many on 'easy mode' side immediately dishonored the term their leaders agreed to.
  5. ​I think you may be a tad overconfident here. Syndisphere didn't not make more attacks on NPO because you thought you'd just give us a pass.. it's because you didn't have enough nations in our range to do so. Now that IQ, I assume, is mostly in the low-tier with NPO I can only imagine there will be a lot of IQ nations just chillin that could make money to keep funding our war effort. ​Also, if the war continues with us having a strong low-tier advantage.. in the long run (assuming IQ can fund it) new nations may feel more incline to join places where they won't get immediatelly dogpile
  6. Congrats DEIC & NAC! Mergers can be risky business but they can also be extremely profitable if successful. Good luck to you, I hope you become another merger success story. o/
  7. Hunger Games might be appropriate actually. No one was prepared for the food shortage this war leading to a serious food crisis. In the future people are more likely to be prepared and we probably won't see a food crisis to the same extent. So those assuming every war will experience similar food shortages may be wrong. That being said, I find Ground Zero War to be the most agreeable and vote Ground Zero War. I do not like Silent War as overall, it wasn't very silent. It was quite loud really. The lack of official DoWs isn't a really important feature and may not be unique either. The Silent
  8. Imperial Officer of Military Affairs - Prince Henry was left off the sigs. Wars back on. FOR HENRY! (kidding) Good fight, Syndisphere. It was fun.
  9. I do apologize to Orbis for the patronizing tone. The point I really wanted to get across is that NPO does not view this as an extremely long war. (yet) To us, Ryleh left early and is a deserter. Any alliance wanting to show us good will won't accept those who we consider deserters and we will return the favor in kind. That is our culture, our view, either you respect it or don't.
  10. It is adorable how Orbis thinks 3 and half weeks is a really long war. It's just like (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) in it's early days. As nations grow bigger though, wars last longer. It will happen here too barring regular resets. In the meantime, loving the tears from those who are so tired of this 'long ass' war. xD Roz Wei, would've been nice of you to considered our culture and if it would offend us, seeing as how we were supposedly on somewhat friendly terms and all. It seems like you don't care if we consider him a de
  11. From what I saw NPO was good to Ryleh. I was there one night when he was going through a hard time and we all gave him words of encouragement. I know I was always nice to him and saw us as comrades. I think many in NPO considered him a friend but he has abandoned us and betrayed us. The war hasn't been going on THAT long, his loses weren't THAT bad. It is desertion and the moment he's available to be hit, I will happily be among those hitting him.
  12. How a true Pacifican surrenders:
  13. That's kind of his point. The only thing we can decide is whether or not we accept the terms offered to us. We don't get to decide if you offer separate terms to UPN or not. That is dictated by YOU, not US. So it is laughable to blame us for it. We have no control over that other than the control you're artificially imposing on us.
  14. boohoo poor BK. As things stand now you'll only recover much much easier instead of much much much much easier. As things stand the gap between Paracov & Syndisphere only is arguably impossible to overcome (realistically) instead of undeniably impossible. Never seen so many whiny people on the winning side, I swear.
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