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  1. a DoW worthy of greatness, would consume more dank memes 9.5/dankmemes
  2. Damn it you're right! Here a truckload of chairs for you and your friends and me. I'll get the popcorn machine.
  3. It's probably better that they don't check. I would not want to see the looks on their face as they view their current militaries and infra. but anyway keep on fighting you brave souls, I'll keep up the challenges.
  4. Nah we have a credit card with unlimited dank memes, I just prefer to use fresh dank memes.
  5. You're a shitty meme, don't be disrespectin the BK ayylmao
  6. Nation name: Rossiana Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=29472
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