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  1. SyndiChola where amazing happens B-)
  2. Good luck!! Best wishes only for the best logo :-D
  3. Cool updates sheepy especially that propaganda bureau, it's really amazing!
  4. it was all thanks to our Monarch, he give us loan with 0% interest and more funding. .i was surprised too it was way too fast. .i was actually focused on commerce and brokering, and it works great on me. .but at the same time it gives me a lot of migraine too hahaha
  5. haha hello bro, balang araw masasakop din natin ang orbis haha
  6. military perks and economic perks. .i WISH for both
  7. having bonuses and easy ways to improve a nation is always great sheepy. .hope for more updates like this. .so useful
  8. objectives are actually fun, hope for more embargoes related objectives to come (that means more harm to sheepy LOL)
  9. Best wishes to all of you admins, players, ayliens!!!
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