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  1. Wonderful to see this new Bloc come together. To Oasis 🍷
  2. Why can't we all just roast marshmallows and be friends?
  3. Linux is the bomb. If more people developed games for it I'd switch whenever. Now though I'm using an iMac to run windows
  4. Already sold my kidneys for Garry's mod D:
  5. It's amazing. I just wish I had some money.
  6. I actually game on a dual booted iMac with Windows 7. I prefer OS X for it's office stuff but I do all of my gaming on windows. Bonus is that I can access both operating systems files at the same time without having to restart. (also have 1TB of space on an external hard drive for games and some virtual ram. I also have a second monitor, Genius gaming Manticore Keyboard and Cavimanus Headset. Add that to an awesome office chair it makes for a pretty good setup. And not all that expensive except for the iMac.
  7. I play all of my games on a PC. I can't stand playing games on consoles.
  8. Granted, but you can never get the cap off. I wish that I had a private jet
  9. the Guardian page has also been vandalized.
  10. Nope The person below me is over 40
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