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  1. What a dumb and pointless war. We're going to destroy each other and then someone like the Green Protection Agency will reign supreme for eternity. There goes the whole P&W alliance
  2. yes. I didn't. I tried both ways.
  3. Still having the same problem. I do not get a message like that. I get incorrect combination every single time. I can literally copy and paste and it will not work. Is the game offline? So inconvenient. I am under attack and cannot even get help because of this nonsense. Can I at least be put in beige/brown till this is fixed this is obnoxious.
  4. Having problems logging hope someone (sheepy) can help me. I have reset my password 40 times already to different ones. Still trying to get on and it keeps telling the combination is wrong everytime. I don't understand. Please help
  5. How do I refresh cache on safari... >_> IT'S NOT WORKING. Stupid Mac
  6. Cough... I know the real identity of this thing...
  7. Please Select your choice and (optional) list a few cons and pros of the who you picked, Please No Nerd/Geek Wars
  8. I did not post any of those horrible things or that horrible signature(Grendel you're great) and the imposter who took my irc name when I disconnected and harassed everyone.. My forum password was intercepted by someone when I was signing up for forums to be a diplomat for someone on a different game, I have changed all my passwords to unique ones and should no longer be able to be intercepted to work. I apologize to the community for what has happened. I take full blame for not securing my passwords. I am sorry and I hope everyone can accept my apology and move on. This apology is especially to Wolfgang, Sheepy, Grendel, Flubb, Sith, and many more. I am extremely and deeply sorry for whoever posted those bad things.
  9. Hello! I am President Riley! Former minister of UPN, and Sheepy's slave.
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