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  1. I like the idea of doubling planes, since it would make it harder for a 20c whale wiht max planes and no mil to declare war an a 10c and wipe out thier units.
  2. Wars should be on an alince vs allince level: ie- i BK wants to hit TKR, then BK declares war on TKR as an allince. Nations are then randomly matched to opponents to fight (wihtout having a 20c whale hiting a f--- 10c)
  3. Or just delete it Only point was for it to increase resistance, which meant no one could win wars, which is the meta rn
  4. Lets take this down to the level of the average joe: Make wars based on city count, dont know the numbers, but thats what @Alex is for
  5. I think you need to fix war mechanics first, and then worry about beidge........ right now a 30 city whale can demolish a 15 city guy, all thanks to the broken score system. A 30 city whale has DOUBLE the military capacity as a 15 nation. BEST IDEA EVER...... This would end the cycling of nations at 6 resistance, and would in effect make wars usefull.
  6. When you win a war you also take a percentage fo the defeated enemies units: tanks, planes, ships, missiles, nukes. SOldiers and spies cant be looted. Percentage should be meger, say 1%. Howver, you cant launch the msssile or nuke unless you get the project.
  7. ^ see above Basically, allow planes to bomb nukes and missiles. Ofc, thier should eb a limit, say max 2 missiles or 1 nuke.
  8. In airstrikes you get to chose your target, so you should as well for ground battles. Target: Victory (minimise you and your enemies loses, but maximise victory) Casualties (maximize you and the enemies losses, but minimise victory) - Soldiers - Tanks (IDK if they should be added, but it would be a nice feature) Infrastructure (maximise damage to infa) Loot (maximise loot taken) ideas?
  9. but dont they already have bots that do it for free?
  10. that would be too complex f system, i think a basic range as i described would allow for you to get a general idea of the size of the enemy army, but not the full details.
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