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  1. What I can say is that wars really happen from miscommunication(misunderstanding/communicationgap), different leaders with differing ideas and interests, changes in leadership and this what so called hegemoney and pride. The only miracle that will happen in politics and war is when no wars like this happen. We all go fight guys but only to pixels okay? Let's remain civil and friendly off sites
  2. This thread has been going so well, first time to take more an hour reading and rereading this. This is what politics and war made of. Regarding to all the CB's and arguements, being brave and just in actions is not thru PRE-EMPTING to preserve hegemoney and pride. You can confirm such threat or possibilities, if they lodged an attacks first, unless everybody are pixel huggers and would not want to wait if it's(so called TS plans to take an offensive and dominate the Orbis) real or just a threat in existence. All the pre-emptive that I've seen before is telling at those unbiased minds and judgments.
  3. A coincidence I guess a major update during a major war. To the next major war, expect a major unfavorable changes like this I guess for the aggressor or the aggrieved? hmmm.
  4. it's like watchin mammoths bumping each other and waiting to see who's the first one to kneel down...
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