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  1. Nation Name: Arnor Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=13801
  2. Being perfectly honest, I think that if you're still griping about last187, you need to go talk to Sheepy.
  3. You were going to be a part of it, even if you did leave early. As you very well know, there was an expressed dissatisfaction with TDX from you previous to this. This, in addition to a few poaching attempts (tiggera, who's now been eaten by Rose, never to be seen again), led to a negative opinion from many in TDX. We would have kept you in the alliance, however after the leak, you were kicked. Either way, you would have been involved, fighting for us, or against us. You stayed long enough to be for us, I suppose. In early June, I was out of town. You know this, because I did not reply to any messages you or anyone else in the alliance sent to me. I had limited international data, and I had to use it for business, real life, purposes. I know I didn't, and that's why. Even so, you didn't say a word to TDX leadership warning them of the threat. If you had the chance to ask, you would have been paying us. A while ago, you had received a grant for $8 million. This was to be your "leaving money," however you never went. So, anything you had not paid from that time was to be due to us. Luckily you just pissed us off enough to kick you out and not retrieve any of that money. It's also not my fault you couldn't think of another plan. I am not responsible for your shortcomings. You are labeled dishonorable. It's a fact. Let's just hope VE Orbis' side of things and does the right thing.
  4. Well in that case, good for you too. Didn't have any way of knowing that.
  5. Initial Thoughts After Exposure: 1. I am personally owning up to the cheating situation. (Just me, not the rest of the alliance.) I missed the evidence, I was out of town. Myself and a friend of mine have developed a spreadsheet that catches cheating as soon as it happens. It won't happen again on my watch. 2. Kudos to Arrgh for taking the step to even the Orbis playing field. I was wondering if anyone would actually care enough and take serious what Sheepy said. Good luck and may the more prepared alliance win. 3. Wow TEst. Welcome to the investigation. Maybe you should let the alliance with the guts to actually attack take care of it, instead of just jumping in for potential loot, which you won't find. 4. Seriously Gaius? Planning on ditching us right as this started eh? I knew you were planning on going, I just didn't know you were going to leave right as we got in more trouble. Also, not saying anything about the cheating to admins? Isn't that a rule violation? Where's Sheepy? Hmmm..... Also, your plan to take the bank wouldn't have worked. Heinrich Dahler had no access to the bank. Further, if you did, you just would've gotten yourself in more trouble with the community. Now that you've been labeled dishonorable, good luck getting into any alliance. You tried.
  6. Still stuck on it eh? I mean, what did I expect from Mensa? Huh. Sheepy judged what he thought to be right. If you have an issue with that, I dare YOU to take it up with him. Tell me what he says, I'm kind of curious.
  7. I'll have to read all that and use similar models if there's another suspect for cheating. Seems like you were right so it'll be a good template to work off of. Really to summarize why these things were missed was because I was in the UK at the wrong time. If I was here, TDX probably wouldn't have been involved with this. Hopefully the rest of the community will calm down now.
  8. I didn't have his claim of weekly income. Where you saw that was the personal exchanges between Morgan and Last187, I had no idea he was claiming that. Also, he could've just been flat out lying.
  9. No one in TDX had a say in what was taken out of their nations other than suggesting to Sheepy that funds were taken. He made all the judgements for what was appropriate to be taken out of each nation. If you have an issue with the remaining funds and the advantage gained by them you'll have to talk to Sheepy about that, we (TDX) didn't make the decision for what was taken out of our nations. I wasn't aware of the reports. Also, if you have methods for determining if artificial funds were being generated, please share them because I know TDX and other alliances are interested in preventing being involved in something like this again. Yeah, that makes sense. These are just kind of my general responses to the community, so don't take it personally. (I just mentioned the reporting thing because there was a nation in TDX that claims to have known all along and just decided not to report it to anyone.)
  10. Fair enough. However, I can say that we had been tracking nation's income for a long time. When I saw Last's income level and his growth rate the cities he was building at the time seemed reasonable. I'm not saying that him cheating is questionable, I'm saying that the expectation of the alliance to find these minor bits of evidence of cheating is unrealistically high. Yet again, looking at the time it took to come up with just this would be ridiculous do for all the nations funding the program. I realize that we now know he cheated, and that he funded the program, and that this money was dispersed throughout the alliance, and that is why the alliance paid $75 million and 10,000 food for this. Yet again, individual nations who were recipients of a lot of Last's money were also taxed. With more recent figures, the total is now around $200 million worth of resources, infrastructure, cities, and funds have been taken out of the alliance. I also said in my last post that I was out of town when the two public threads were posted and did not have access to P&A in any form. By the time I had read them it was too late for me to do anything. It was only a matter of time until Last and the others were banned, which was very soon after. The goal of the report was to show that either a. there was easily accessible evidence to show cheating for anyone in the alliance b. there wasn't any evidence to show for cheating or c. that there was evidence, however, there was nothing obvious enough to spur a search for evidence, and it would take an unrealistic amount of time to derive. Before you presented your figures, it turned out to be B, but afterwards we still have to go with C since it took such a ridiculous amount of time to come to the point where we were sure he was cheating. Also, if there was so much evidence that there was cheating going on, then you should have reported it. By saying that there is all this evidence of cheating that you could easily see, then this issue would never have happened and Last187 would have been banned much earlier. Further, it's a technical violation of P&A rules to not report suspects of cheating. I did not realize cheating was going on until it was too late and days before Last and the others were banned because I was out of town. I can't speak for other government members directly, but since I normally did the background stuff to prevent cheating it went undetected. This is where the report here comes in, it shows without the extensive background checks that were necessary to derive the evidence of cheating, there was no motive to look for evidence. Since I was the one who normally did these checks, but was out of town, it went undetected. You can't blame anyone for this really, it was just my business trip came at a very unfortunate time. There is really no reason to be suspicious of Morgan, the Skype contacts between the two were really just a discussion of the program, and not much more. Further, I will be doing checks on all members more often from now on. If anyone was cheating, they'll be caught soon. And like I said, the goal of the report was to show that without the extensive checks that I normally did, no one would have caught the cheating. I'm not saying that a reasonable person couldn't have spotted these things. I'm saying that due to the fact that I was absent during the majority of the cheating and where evidence began to show up, and the amount of digging it required to find this cheating, it wasn't found by TDX leadership. To summarize, finding the cheating required extensive in-depth searching, I'm the only one who did this searching normally, I was gone during cheating, cheating went undetected because there was no one to search, Last187 got banned, TDX leadership blamed, and now we're here. You're going after the wrong points here, we know that laundered money circulated through the alliance, but it's been mostly paid back, (as far as I know there's still some investigating going on). I realize that the rest of TDX leadership missed this, but like I said I was literally on the other side of the world when this cheating was happening, and as Minister of Economics I did the income and outcome checks. There was simply no one there to fill the spot.
  11. The simple fact is, even if I do consider those numbers, I don't have the time to micromanage every nation in the alliance like this. Sure, with those considerations, it would appear that there was evidence that he cheated, but looking at the time it took just to come up with this information and expecting me to multiply that out to 50 other nations is an absolutely ridiculous standard to hold ANY alliance to. If you have a more efficient system of determining all of these things as they come up, let me know because for just one nation it took me a large amount of time to come up with this. Including the numbers you just provided might mean that there was some evidence somewhere in the bank records, however, no alliance or person has the time to put this together for 50 nations in an alliance. Thinking realistically, there was evidence, but to expect alliances to scour records like this is absolutely ridiculous. At this point, sure there was evidence, but the time it took to find it was too much to hold to any alliance. If you like crunching numbers like this, then you can go ahead and do it, and I don't have an issue with that. However, you can't expect everyone else to be just like you and spend countless hours making sure everyone in their alliance isn't cheating. EDIT: I didn't have access to P&A when those threads were posted because I was overseas. I had no control over this, my absence was just ill-timed. I didn't see them until it was too late.
  12. Yes it is very possible, he was making that much during the VE War. ALSO: THE DOCUMENT HAS BEEN UPDATED TO INCLUDE THE PROPER TAX INCOME RATES. THIS SHOULD DISPROVE ANY OF THE POINTS MADE HERE IN THE REPLIES. I also deleted the other nations since the community has primarily been focusing on Last187 and no one was discussing the other nations. Since Sheepy didn't list them we also can't be entirely sure they were banned for the same reason. PLEASE READ THE UPDATED DOCUMENT BEFORE MAKING MORE COMMENTS.
  13. I see his point. I will be making adjustments. I understand the fact that the growth program used cheated money. However, this was the purpose of the subtraction of $75 million and 10,000 food from the alliance bank. The growth program of before was tainted, I agree, but after this major subtraction, it has to have been at least slightly reversed. Further, individual nations in the alliance that were innocent were fined further, bringing the total to around $125 million. And like I said before, I'm going to be making changes on the tax record. I'll be using the earliest recorded tax (12 am) for the day of each record. If you would like to suggest a different method, I'm open to ideas. Also, if you did run your own numbers on this, where's your link? I can say I'm independent because of the fact that I was not directed by any TDX leadership and was looking at flat out numbers. This report would still be out here if all of the outcomes were negative. If I end up reworking the numbers using different tax records and something shows up negative, then I'll still keep the report out here. The goal is to show why TDX and myself missed these things, and what we can do to improve it. If I missed it simply because I was in the UK when the evidence was there, then yeah, that's the reason. Maybe I still had access to a computer, but I still missed it. If it shows up that there was evidence of cheating, then there was evidence of cheating, and we missed it, and the blame is on us. But, if there isn't evidence after I rework these numbers, then my points still stand. I agree with you on most of those points. You can't expect any alliance to micromanage every single nation on a point. On an economic level, I feel like Terradoxia should be considered innocent, due to the subtraction and the fact that the total subtractions from the alliance bank and individual nations does reach about $125 million. I would however, say some of the TDX leadership should have at least suspected cheating with some of the things Last187 was saying. I'm sorry, but that was the worst analogy I've ever heard. How can someone who is "a cheating scumbag committing criminal activity by bruteforce hacking" be a victim. Makes no sense. Clarify who your victim is then I will give you a legitimate response. EDIT: This is the last you will be hearing about the matter from Terradoxia. If I haven't changed your mind already and you haven't given a legitimate response, then you're just as ignorant as a Colts fan.
  14. Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1llfipTdjOLmwCeFO6HhdmoH4hMP9zu5t91958g4oBC4/edit?usp=sharing I'll be answering any questions you may have in the comments. This was an entirely independent investigation. Should be the first time the majority of TDX sees this.
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