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  1. Cheedows

    War Stats

    Yes, the stats are making those winning look worse off.
  2. After seeing this post I've seen the error of my ways. My past 3 years at BK have been misguided, shortly after this post I will leave and join the exalted alliances that Kastor promotes. Thank you Kastor, for showing me the true meaning of this game that I've been blind to all this time.
  3. Conveniently only addresses half the comment.
  4. I guess it's easy to embrace winning when you don't even bother fighting.
  5. I'm truthfully quite surprised at, well to put for lack of better words, the immense amount of salt, hypocrisy and blatant disrespect that's being flung around on the forums with the war. I mean, I will admit all this wartime drama like usual is quite entertaining, but it's just odd how things have taken a complete 180 after a couple of months. I mean, whatever happened to the bantering a few months ago how we would love to be able to war each other, which we all know would've been an equal and entertaining fight that we haven't truthfully had in awhile. Were those words just meant to appease the opposition back then, that we as a whole weren't trying to kill the game with an imbalanced power structure on top, even though once this opportunity arose it's pretty clear those intentions weren't true? And I mean, you can call whatever names you want for us here to BK, but how exactly could this move have been selfish for Curu? Selfish in the sense of wanting a changed game dynamic, ultimately that has lead to today's war of an balanced and undecided outcome okay. But what does he, or BK really, have to possibly gain gamewise from moving away from the status quo of literal pixel farming for months and logging in once a day to refill your food. It really is a self fulfilling prophecy, honestly prior to me even bother reading the OWF for this war I've still held respect for our former allies in Mensa, TKR and tS. As alien as this might seem, it is entirely possible to respect your adversaries and opposition for their skill and coordination in war. But the quickest way to lose that respect, is with a public callout and what seems like a release of months of built up transgressions for your former allies. You claim that no one respects you, and yet it seems like you're trying to lose that respect as quickly as possible to make that claim true.
  6. NPO is the only AA to use (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) as a point of reference for PnW events, then proceeds to call us salty for (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) events that only they brought up. I'm gonna be honest, I'm willing to bet 80% of BK have never even played (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) in their lives and those who do probably don't give a !@#$ about it which is why they moved on to try PnW.
  7. Good shit CS, glad to fight alongside such great allies once again maybe my pixels have a chance o/ CS
  8. very first time that I wasn't cockblocked in a BK war thanks for doing your job yoso
  9. #whiteknightsrise tbh I'm surprised it took me more than a year to realize Yoso was a cuck, even more than a cockblocking blueballer. Thanks for opening my eyes Keks.
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