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  1. And while we are getting multiple tax brackets could we possibly get multiple alliance bank vaults?
  2. Alliance Tax Brackets! Looks like Valkyrie is headed for another Civil War.
  3. Anyone want to be friends with Valkyrie? Anyone? *Crickets* Okay...
  4. They fired Brad's wife on his birthday.
  5. We offer nudes instead. And expect more nudes in return.
  6. Can you set it so that I can type multiple recipients into the alliance Bank's "Withdraw" bar? We have some lame statutes in our alliance that require me to send everyone in the alliance X amount of cash/resource at one time and this would save me a lot of time. Also it would be cool if you had some tools that make it easier to see the amount of tax revenue coming in per turn. Again, it's easy to do already but it just takes a lot of time to count up all of the money everyone is putting in per turn and such. And as always, thanks for being an awesome admin Alex!
  7. This academy looks expensive. You know who to send the kids to so that their student debt gets written up correctly. Good work Valyria!
  8. I didn't realize Steve had multiple accounts.
  9. I remember him creating those but I had the impression that they were just nations with decent militaries and lots of goods to raid out of them. Were they ever programmed to attack anyone?
  10. Any possibility of generating some NPCs. You know, nations that aren't controlled by a real human that spawn at random at all nations scores and attack at random? Most alliances don't have to deal with raiders often enough. Also it would be nice to have a few rogues to hit that can't treaty with someone. Just a thought. I don't know if it is possible, much less ideal.
  11. We also had something special with the 13th, but she left us for another man with a similar name. But we still love her.
  12. It's spelled "Mannax" Like the two headed lady dragon featuring an extra "N" in the middle. Other than that, I concur as my signature implies.
  13. If you need my nation link https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=8331
  14. But here's how we do this, we have two maxims. (1) Max A for members of alliances accredited by the Commission. (2) Max B for members of alliances not-accredited by the Commission. Max A will be significantly better. If alliance governments don't want to sign on, that's their loss.
  15. In the past we've never actually encountered an incident where an alliance government has refused to require their members to pay a transparent debt when push comes to shove. I must say that I have been impressed with the integrity of the vast majority of nations throughout Orbis in paying their debts. But at the end of the day I think that no alliance in Orbis wants to gain a reputation for harboring swindlers or thieves and that [along with wanting to make long term use of our services] has secured our loans well until this point. This type of commission would be great for the nations of every alliance in Orbis because it will create a transparent common market and everyone will be able to see who is offering the best rates which will drive the interest rates down and encourage lenders to lend more. And when every nation in Orbis can go to one of these (quasi)private banks operating within the commission, alliance banks can operate more like public sector treasuries without having to manage a lending service for their membership. This would be good for everyone, except the banks charging higher interest rates and the thieves planning on taking loans that they have no plans to ever pay back.
  16. By the way, it would make this a lot easier for all of us bankers if we had an international entity overseeing and enforcing equitable lending practices such as holding alliance governments accounting for ensuring that their members pay their debts. I totally support this measure and would love to work with whoever is putting this banking commission together.
  17. Will the CEO of Stratton Oakmont post his standard interest rates for the public?
  18. The Valkyrie Exchequer has set rates for all clients with good credit history and/or alliance governments that will secure our financial services. We post them transparently here. Standard duration is 4-6 weeks before regular compounding ensues. We are the spiritual heirs of the lending service founded by Solo Man in Asgard. We've been lending in this way for almost two years to clients all over Orbis. $1-$15000000 = 5% $15000000-$30000000 = 7% $30000000-$50000000 = 10% $50000000-$75000000 = 12% $75000000+ = 14%
  19. How much will you pay my alliance annually to commit to these terms? We're not a charity. We certainly won't spare the world from nuclear holocaust for free.
  20. I see mosquitoes have 21 nukes. This will be good for the world's food supply.
  21. I'm happy that Sheepy is holding is ground on this one. This is an interesting element to the game. I like it. Although it is making me a tad bit hungry.
  22. We've accumulated deities gradually over the course of the past 2 years, beginning with only Odin and Thor. We'll convene with druids and consider adding Freyr. Thanks for the recommendation.
  23. The 13 official deities of the Valkyrie: 1. Odin 2. Thor 3. Loki 4. Freyja 5. Frigga 6. Bragi 7. Baldur 8. Heimdall 9. Njord 10. Skadi 11. Tyr 12. Forseti 13. Hel These 13 true Gods and Goddesses of Norse Paganism have guided us like a candle in the night. Although dead, the faith of Asgard and the King's Parliament lives on through the Valkyrie!!! HAIL ODIN!!!
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