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  1. The Clouds Protecting Space Accords (In case you didn't read the title) tl;dr : standard protectorate agreement
  2. Cheers! To future adventures, o/ R&R o/ Iberia
  3. Ivan

    The End

    Inst, Please don't call it paracovenant K thnx
  4. LB, You're like 1/3 my NS now ((( Glowing, though!
  5. Well that was an interesting read. Good luck to to both parties. Though I mainly blame the treaty web because it's quite hard now to avoid attacking your ally's ally.
  6. Weird that we were talking about intersectionality in my class the other day :S... aka the matrix of domination fun fact also have fun
  7. Finally the time has come. Welcome, friends! o/
  8. Yeah. Just add it to the list of shit that would warrant you a legitimate ass kicking still u tho
  9. I am excited to begin a new era for the Brotherhood of the Clouds and Ingen. Our alliances have become great friends and it is time to solidify that friendship on paper. May the Dragon Gods bless and guide their noble servants! o/ John Hammond o/ Ingen o/ BoC
  10. A BoC ANNOUNCEMENT I come before you to say goodbye to our founder and great leader Lord Frostsword. LF has retired from the Presidency and will be staying in the BoC. He has led our alliance from the beginning, through its rocky points and with the care and determination sought in a leader. It is a historic day in our cloud history as we make our last snowman jokes. With the departure of our leader, the remaining government developed a new charter to reform our Brotherhood. Our members approved it overwhelmingly, and we are excited to embrace a new era for our alliance. We have changed our government model so please look below for the new government lineup. Our Brotherhood will be led by a new Cloud Chancellor, who emerged from the ashes and rubble to guide us on a new course. I have been elected Cloud Chancellor by the Council of Ministers and will lead our alliance into the future. We are thankful for the good support our allies and friends have given us in this transition. Here is our new charter: Here is our new government line-up: Cloud Chancellor: Ivan Council of Ministers MoGA: Ivan MoMA: Thomas Paine MoEA: Goomy MoFA: Josh Freer MoIA: Bezzers tl’dr Ivan coup'd and is now Cloud Chancellor BoC adopted a new charter and form of government
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