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  1. (OOC: True, but after Dooku died, Grievous became the new Head of State.
  2. The Confederacy of Independent Systems becomes member of The Order of the White Rose. With the Head of State, General Grievous, applying the C.I.S to be a member of OWR, CNN is led to believe that a new age of peace and stability is dawning on the Confederacy. Grievous, who has an extensive background in leadership and diplomacy, is well known for his efforts for prosperity. Shortly after the announcement of The C.I.S's accepted membership into the OWR, a conference amongst Grievous and the Senate in Utapau was held to discuss the announcement. After the private cabinet briefing, a Confederate T-Series Tactical Droid was made available to make a comment. His official statement read as follows: "I first need to apologize for the absence of the Head of State, he is currently very busy, but I can confirm a peaceful transition between administrations was obtained. I am sure if Grievous was here, he would comment on how it is truly a great honor to be a member of The Order of the White Rose, and how he is excited about the future and what it will hold for the people of the Confederacy."
  3. After well over a year, I've decided to return to this game and start playing again.
  4. You can dispense with the banter, pirate.
  5. The Care and Compassion one feels for the innocent, is a weakness. A weakness that is easily exploitable.
  6. General Grievous continues to increase the military industry of The CIS. The branches of the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, now operates entirely on robotic infantry, and unmanned aerial/aquatic/armored vehicles/ships. Tanks, Airplanes, Naval Ships, and Infantry have all been replaced by Droid units. The exact cost of the plan was not announced, however Grievous added that the government, and the Mega Corporations of The CIS had agreed to finance the production, running and repair of Drones and Droids, as well as backing the development of Testing Facilities and Droid Factories. Grievous had this to say: "We've gone beyond just integrating Drones and robotics into our military. We are the first nation to have an Army completely composed of Droids. Using several hundred-thousand domestically-made machines of various classes and uses in combat."
  7. I just thought I'd like to share my opinion. That is all.
  8. Grievous reorganizes Helghan into The Confederacy On 5/12/15 the new Autarch of Helghan, Grievous, pushed The High Council for a new government to take the place of the stagnant Autocratic body of Helghan. The Council (all of whom had earned their position as senators simply due to the fact they were loyal to the last Autarch, Visari.) viewed Grievous as de facto Autarch, took a majority vote and overwhelmingly disagreed with a change in government. The first push for new government failed, so Grievous then went the to Megacorporations of Helghan, all of whom had their own private Droid Armies. These corporations included: The Corporate Alliance, Trade Federation, Commerce Guild, InterGalactic Banking Clan, and The Techno Union. Grievous promised less taxation for these corporations, and their trade routes. And promised the presidents and CEO's of said corporations a position of power if they joined his Separatist movement. The Megacorporations agreed, and with the combined forces of their Droid Armies, marched across the Helghan Capital. The High Council, disinterested in a Civil War, gave into the demands of Grievous. Grievous, holding his end of the bargain with the megacorps, replaced the Council with the Corporations presidents and CEO's, giving them positions in the the newly formed Confederate Senate. After the overthrow of The High Council, Grievous gave this speech: "We stand on the threshold of a new beginning. In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, Helghan will be reorganized into The Confederacy of Independent Systems, (The CIS) for a safe and secure society, which I assure you will last for ten thousand years. A Confederacy that will continue to be ruled by this august body and a sovereign ruler chosen for life. A Confederacy with a new strong and growing Droid military to ensure the rule of law. A Confederacy ruled by the majority, ruled by a new constitution! I told the people that I would bring change, and now the direction of our course is clear. I will lead The CIS to glories beyond imagining!"
  9. The Helghast Founder and Leader, Scolar Visari, leaves office. Scolar Visari stepped down from power on 5/9/15, but before retiring, appointed Commander-in-Chief, General Grievous, as the new Autarch of Helghan. Grievous had this to say: "I, like many, was surprised to hear of Visari's departure; but more surprised by the fact that I was in trusted by Visari to be his heir. Despite the fact that Visari and I have vastly different political views, I respect him for building this great nation from nothing, and giving our people purpose and hope. However, we can't let the ghosts and memories of Visari's rule to stop us from doing what must be done. He did what he had to in order to survive, and so must we. The people of Helghan have been clamoring for changes, and changes I will bring." The people of Helghan wonder how radically different their nation will become now that Grievous is in power. While Visari was a self-proclaimed Fascist, Grievous is what some have called a "Separatist." Future changes within the Helghan government will be posted.
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