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  1. Which means you do need labels? Or were you too confident that you apparently commited a typographical error?
  2. So apparently, Terminus Est is a group of high level raiders? Declaring war without any formal reason other than raiding and destroying the efforts of others?
  3. Robbing power from people without power, and sticking their noses from affairs that do not concern them?
  4. Sigma is trying to be the Switzerland of PnW. As much as possible, we choose not to resort to bloodshed and to the use of arms, and we try to respect all points of views, insights and ideas in our small, quiet neighborhood of peaceful nations. Respect is simply what we ask for. Respect not of our power, but of our choice to live and prosper in peace. We choose to weigh the politics, more than the war. Indeed, we are all free to choose our paths in this game, and we choose to walk in silence and harmony. We do not know what the need is for attacking Sigma, and we firmly believe that we have done no evil upon others, as we have tried to speak through diplomacy. Rest assured, we have no plans of revenge and hatred of others. We respect your insights that "this is a game, and it will always have war in it no matter what. neutrality is sh*t." However, we ask upon you to please also, take into consideration, the choice which we have made. The choice to sort events through diplomacy. Ultimately, the choice to prevent war. To some of us, here in this game, we tend to think that this is "just a game". Nothing to be gained, nothing to be lost. But for some people out there, people like me, PnW is a playground of our dreams. The game that gives us the ability to at least imagine and experience what it is like to rule a nation. For me, my nation here is already my creation. The fruit of my efforts and more than a year of imaginaton and experience. This is the reason why I chose to be neutral, to enjoy the politics that could be more realistic to life than its war side. Some may call us "pixel-huggers", but let it be. We respect everyone in game and in real life, and we have done no evil in both. I try, as a 14-year old lad, to understand and experience through PnW in peace. I hope too, that people may respect our decision to be so, as we respect yours. o/
  5. Nation Name: Liber Alliance Name: Terminus Est Applicant Credit References: (Anyone who can vouch for your reliability) This is my 2nd time loaning, so, Ashland. Guarantor(s): Can you be my Guarantor? (Nation(s) or Alliance(s)) -For Any nations under 15 days in age, this is mandatory. For all else it is not mandatory but will reduce your interest rate. Daily After-Cost Revenue: (We reserve the right to ask for a screenshot of your Revenue page) 2, 969, 185.77 (without color bonus). Approx. 3 million with color bonus. Did Someone Refer You To Us? If so, Who: No one, this is my 2nd time Amount you would like to borrow: $30 million (30, 000, 000) What Is Your Investment Plan: (this is not mandatory, but a sound investment plan will make your loan appear less risky to the Bank) Establishment of a Nuclear Research Facility. I shall be able to pay it in full from 10-15 days. I, Lascray, agree to the following if I choose to accept a loan from the Cirrus Bank: -Pay all interest associated -Repay the principal -Act in good faith to repay all my debts and refrain from misrepresenting my intentions or history. I also give the Cirrus Bank, or whoever may hold my debt in the future, the right to reclaim my debt through the use of force. I agree to inform any alliance I may join while holding this debt of this arrangement.
  6. What does Googlestan plan to celebrate the 1st Founding Anniversary of FOFA?
  7. Does the Church of Cynic praise the usage of Clash of Clans?
  8. Not only in Orbis, but also in the internet. Sure there are many kinds of rude acts in the net. But there are always people who live with respect and discipline. Not only relating to this post, surely. There are people who do good despite being anonymous.
  9. It's nice to see small acts of kindness, even in a game. It shows something different for while. Something positive in a world where people plot against their 'allies'. I agree though in the context of "timing is everything". It's now a big lesson for me to be careful on sending trades, and I hope this will be an early warning for those who have not experienced such yet.
  10. What if you were given $12, 000, 000 accidentaly, in a deal of selling 2 units of food for $6 million each, out of nowhere, will you accept? Such has been the incident in Liber today. A $12 million shipmet meant to be sent to Ashland, was accidentaly and unintentionaly sent to Ajax instead. A $12 million that was meant to pay debts, so carelessly sent to the wrong address. It seamed like a hopeless situation. There was no way to get it back, not even the use of arms. Kindly, we asked Ajax: "Can you please give it back?" The following moments were tense. There was no assurance that we will ever recieve back the misplaced money, worth 6 days of income. There were many what if's. What if he doesn't wanna? What if he refuses and denies us? What if he ignores us? Then we recieved a reply: " It did seem to be too good to be true. I could tell you that a deal is a deal, but since I have feel empathy about your situation, I have made the same mistake a few times myself. I will try and return the money. I have one problem though, I have spent 2 million out of the 12 million, so I don't have all of the money. So I can't send all of it to you." It was indeed a delightful surprise. He showed, even when knowing that we won't have anything against him if he declines, a willingness to fix what was wrong and to return the misplaced money. This shall be a lesson to Liber, to be more careful. Furthermore, this is also a statement, that there are still good souls in Orbis, in a world of Politics and War. We will be forever grateful to Ajax. For doing the right move. Although his act may seem small to others, it was a big deal for Liber. It saved us from the growing interest rates of our debts, more so it saved us from the stress and the guilt.
  11. A certain Marttinn Leather questions the teachings of the Cynic, and its Cynical Inquisition. He sets out the Cynical Reformation and begins Orbis' s 30 years' wars of Religion. Cynical Protestants are being executed for heresy and blasphemy and millions are now being burned at stake. What is thy Cynic's response on such mess?
  12. LibeRecords releases the new non-heretical version of God Save The King: Cynic save our gracious king Long live our noble king Cynic save the king Send him victorious! Happy and glorious Long to reign over us! Cynic save the king O Cynic our god arise Scatter his enemies And make them fall Confound their politics Frustrate their knavish tricks On thee our hopes will fix Cynic save us all! Thy choicest gifts in store On he be pleased to pour Long may he reign May he defend our laws And ever give us cause To sing with heart and voice Cynic save the king!
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