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  1. oh wow, I didn't know that page existed. I sorta wish it was more obvious so it was easier to find. :/
  2. I would really like to have a place where your total number of military buildings is shown. I was thinking maybe on the military page at the top it should have something like: barracks: 4 factory: 2 air force base: 3 drydock: 1 Or alternatively it could be on your nation page along with all the other military stats. I think having this information would help with planning out your nations military
  3. +1 I think this would be really useful.
  4. My fav latin phrase: audio, video, disco "I hear, I see, I learn"
  5. Hello from the Tribes of Daeja! I thought it would be cool to share national mottos. My motto is "The sun rises regardless" meaning whether you are having good or bad times, rich or poor, there is always another day. I also play the game nation states and my nation's motto there is "thought before sword".
  6. Howdy! I recently started playing P&W. It is a really great game. Nation: Tribes of Daeja Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/
  7. If Hilary runs, she's going to get the democratic party spot on the ballot. People are already fund raising for her campaign and she hasn't even announced candidacy yet. There isn't any other candidate with the name recognition and federal government experience who could gain similar voter support.
  8. As a new player to P&W, Rose helped me to learn how to most effectively play the game. Rose members are helpful and friendly and you really can't go wrong with this alliance. If you are looking for an alliance to join with that has great guides and helpful people, this is the one! Apply today, you won't regret it.
  9. National Animal: Lion National Tree: Date Palm National Flower: Jasmine Common Species: Camel ps: ya'll should limit how large images posted here are, the thread takes forever to load...
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