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  1. Its good to see the OG BK back, how has the game changed over the years though? I cant remember
  2. Perhaps alex can create an advertisement ingame about this thread to get more responses. Anyway, for me, this game needs to evolve into more than a clicking game. More complex economic system. Individual special unit perks with downsides and upsides. Being able to upgrade troops as well. And something to do when you are being curbstomped ingame aside from gambling would be great. Also, IDK but maybe make it such that cities with less infra also have special perks to fight cities with bigger infra? Otherwise all AA guides are too predictable
  3. Its a spider learning how to worship Snek and why it should do it.
  4. In the eyes of Aurora, joining the Snek is actual news that is worth proclaiming. You should join the Snek too and realize your potential
  5. Below is an official post on behalf of Aurora, have a nice day and Join Snek Vive la Snek. credits: title>404nonamefound Picture Offering to Snek> critipon
  6. Drumstrang was a great alliance and it has made a lasting impact in Orbis history. Wishing all Drumstrang members all the best moving forward.
  7. I shall take responsibility. I have kileld my posts...
  8. I was doing mind warfare lol, regardless of whether or not it backfiredm it will have an effct on your members. next time. I was whing that their gov let them die
  9. so what, they broke their word and all I asked for was a private apology I dont respect people who dont deserve it
  10. what TJ did was interesting... gd way to run off after inflicting damages and then going back to their maiden AA to rebuild and well, probably enjoy that free mysterious shipment of loot. Then who knows they carry out something like this again...If you have the guts to do something, admit to it and bear the consequences, dont run away. Gd fight you guys provided though, Im say.
  11. google "pastebin or use a virtual machine or use virustotal (https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/url) Well, warchest was sold off by the hacker via trade lol at the cheapest cost...from what I understand
  12. Tried to enlarge the images. That's the best I think, its a little blur though.
  13. About 40hours ago, a Zodiac gov account was hacked after clicking on a link that was embedded in a google spreadsheet. logs: https://pastebin.com/smiYmsGt Attached is an image of the email being switched after the hack had succeeded. Zodiac takes a serious issue on the hack, considering the implications of what could have happened if things were not discovered on time. Also, considering that this can be used on anyone else too. We would like to thank alex for his timely assistance in solving the matter. We urge people to check out links before clicking on them.
  14. Free 2 additional tickets for anyone who purchases at least 10 tickets in total. to buy : 1) fill in the form 2) send your total ticket costs to https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=40709 via trade offers or bank transfers Results will be published within 3 day after sale ends.
  15. sry, editing in progress Also, this isnt a scam and time will tell, we took quite a while and even have an ad in-game
  16. music was randomly chosen on youtube based on length of time, notepad was used as a tool for communication throughout both videos. To prevent spammers Also,I just like to let everyone know, we have a quick-pick option as well. (for those that dont have numbers in mind to bu, but want to take part)
  17. ^ thanks to all those people who also gave me advice regarding the lottery Its been a long time in the planning.
  18. Thks everyone for the well wishes. Well be extra careful with those white roses O/OWR O/Zodiac
  19. its just a coincidence lol, though tbh it is really quite coincidental that all the factors are at the right spot lol. Life works in mysterious ways
  20. Nation wise, he only faced 2 war declarations and 2 spy ops from another alliance to kill his spies. The rest is just shit talk. personal comment: To be honest, I feel you should support arrgh, if thats your case that 3 alliances pick on a nation. Many alliance has picked on them, they act the same as the guy, self funded pirates. Also, the original purpose of this thread is over, we have already shown you all a few nations that got grants. The OP could have chosen to approach us directly seeing that he has a friend in solidarity, he is even ignoring his friend in solidarity due to a game lol. I can tell how bored the orbis community is for this to become a shitstorm here. It is not the job of an protector to handle the economics of its protectorate, but for us if it was brought to our attention personally, we would have seen to it. The OP is enjoying himself right now. We are all feeding in to the adrenaline he gets when he reads this thread. A suggestion to the OP take this off air if you really want your concerns to be addressed. If im right that you are just seeking for attention, then continue commenting. Also think of how rd can build in peace with their nations being threatened? Threats only make the problem worst.
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