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  1. why did this forum post go from waffles to caring who upvotes and downvotes. can we go back to waffles i like my waffles with syrup, butter, and jam
  2. I like how my signatoire name is my nick in the IRON server
  3. Happy birthday TKR 🎂! TKR is now as old as a 1st grader. 😂
  4. Even though I wasn't around during NPO's existence in P&W, I believe if someone is truly sorry for their actions, now matter what it is, I believe they should be forgiven. Welcome back!
  5. Good luck, we'll be seeing you in a macro in two weeks! If not, sucks to see you leave the game ☠️☠️
  6. Perhaps there could be a drop down menu where it shows leader names that include the characters you put into the box because when changing permissions to remove inactives, I find it a bit annoying to have to either copy and paste the leader name or have a second tab open to remember their leader name, especially if it's a long one.
  7. Yes sir, we shall not take you more seriously. We apologize for our actions of offending you. I offer you my baby as a tribute for your forgiveness. We also apologize on Jaden's behalf of getting your history incorrect as it was incredibly disrespectful yo your honor and integrity. salutes
  8. Lmao this is the dumbest scam ever. I could just steal an "art piece" and you can't do anything about it. And wtf kind of price is 100m on a picture like that. Thanks for showing me this dumpster, wannabe Taith.
  9. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/edit/map/
  10. Are you referring to what raws your nation produces based on your continent or are you referring to the Cybernations resources where you can pick 2 resources to have? Because P&W doesnt have that
  11. I'm no veteran, but a new player should be importing food through the public trade market rather than growing food via farms.
  12. I wasn't talking about that smh. Everyone can clearly tell you haven't moved on from the way you referred to us.
  13. Stop whining lol. We've literally moved on from this conflict, but it seems you haven't.
  14. approval has no effect on your nation so it doesn't really matter
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