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  1. It means I agree to follow these rules, but I disagree with the fact that they exist.
  2. I'm not talking about how he broke the rules, I'm talking about what you said about risks. It's perfectly fine for a kid to be upset at the fact his account got deleted, even if he violated the rules. It's like how others whine at their misfortune, whether or not they were doing illegal acts or not. Age restrictions are too tough. Adults think that the internet if full of predators, but it's not. Never once have I encountered someone like that, never once have any of my friends encountered someone like that, and I've only seen one person out of years of being online talk about something like that. When I used Discord at a young age, everything was fine, nothing went wrong, and people didn't mind. I do agree to these rules; everyone does, and has to, but it doesn't mean that I can't disagree with them.
  3. Of course a kid should know the risks of doing this, but a could should never be afraid of losing contact with his friends, he should never be afraid of losing his account for adult misjudgment. A kid shouldn't whine if his account gets deleted? Don't wine if you lose a thousand dollars betting, you knew the risks. Don't whine if you lose your partner, you knew the risks. Don't wine if you lose your house, you knew the risks. Don't whine if your child dies fighting, because both of you knew the risks. That type of thinking is unintelligent. I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to say here. Are you saying if someone gets banned, they know it's for no reason? True, but the reason is morally incorrect, and based on false and misguided judgement. Or are you trying to threaten to ban me? That either wouldn't work, because I'm 14, or, if you're a mod, then you'd be banning me for now reason, and I'd make sure to get myself unbanned, and you baned.
  4. You should've said it was only in the game. I saw it and that's true, but that fooled even adults. Allowing kids to use Discord at the risk of that rare, rare thing happening is worth it. They're able to contact friends. Also, if scams like those involved real money, parents, just as I said earlier, can monitor what they're kids are doing in Discord. You wouldn't want your kid in a game? So, you're only going to allow your kid to play in games once he's 13? My God, do you know how insensitive that kind of thinking is? How about this: I won't allow my child to mow lawns or shovel snow for a little extra cash until he's the legal working age. Why? Oh, because I'm scared my child won't like being alone :(((( You can't keep kids on a leash until you're ready to let go, you have to give them lots of space, and even more as they grow up, so they can be social, intelligent, athletic, have good judgement, and enjoy a life that isn't under constant supervision.
  5. Disagree with the, "scam assessment?" What does that mean? I looked up the Taith Controversy, all I got was Google autofilling my search to Faith Controversy. That's true, there's many stalkers, but the vast majority of people aren't. The vast majority of people would try to prevent that from happening, and if you're still not satisfied, the parents of the 10 year old could supervise his account easily, and prevent this from happening.
  6. Thank you for finally acknowledging that. Reporting someone and getting their account bad is not only morally wrong, it's unnecessary. I used Discord when I was 11, now I'm 14, and nothing bad happened to me. I never bothered anyone. I got along fine with people, made friends, and got in contact with real life friends. Even if you knew it was wrong, you wouldn't have wanted to lose touch with people. What about his google account? Are you going to hunt that down and get rid of that, too? Only allow him to touch the internet once he turns 13? And how would you feel about that if it happened to you, in fact, how would your life be? You'd be ostracized from kids because your parents didn't allow you to use the internet. You wouldn't have access to things that other people would that could have helped you in life, and you'd have much less common sense. Why is that? The community in P&W is nice. There's no one trying to scam you or track you down. You could play and enjoy the game. No one would ostracize you oops, except this guy.
  7. You may have legally been correct, but definitely not morally correct. Please, acknowledge the fact that this kid possibly lost contact with some of his friends, and tell me how you would feel.
  8. Being under 13 years of age, while it's still a violation of the rules, isn't a bad thing. I joined Discord when I was 11, now I'm 14. I'm perfectly fine. Like I said, he would've lost contact of all of his friends there, which, now that I think of it, he probably did, if he can't remember his friends' accounts. Once again, if you were in his shoes, how would you have felt? Please, acknowledge that.
  9. Dude, why would you report someone not being 13 on Discord? If he wasn't able to make another account, he would've had no way of contacting the friends he had on Discord, and he would've had no way to use Discord when it was needed. And now, you're reporting him in P&W? Because he's UNDERAGE? Please, think about your actions before you do them. How would you have felt if you were him, and now, because of some random troll, you're not able to play a fun game, or contact people on Discord.
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