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  1. /slow clap Jaden your little spies were trolled to hell and of course you took the bait our milcom know to counter your childish bs. You want my comment to the whole war here it is "our protectors are fighting theres and since prots are considered targets i consider jadens allaince free real estate cause its a global but not my priority". Yes i snapt about hideri's advertisment cause i was a little worked up. Here some real truth you keep changing the story about who "couped" you, hell i'm guessing even your own aa doesn't know the truth why we remove you or hell very few people know who (on more then one occision) tried to call the vote. you send out spies to say you don't care about iron but you message our members to either a) coup us ( fat chance cause low level) or b) show them the "truth". At the end of the day your butthurt
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