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  1. my only questions are: why is it so expensive if it is so inaccurate? why do we need this? what stops me from using a nuke instead if they deal more damage and are cheaper?
  2. Here's a tip: Don't produce food when you're starting out, it's not viable and you won't be able to sustain yourself. Other than that, welcome to the game, and yes, nukes are killing food production
  3. To be honest, I always liked the idea of Approval Ratings actually doing something, but it seems difficult to incorporate into the game without destroying everything and everyone. Your idea is pretty similar to all other ideas I've seen about Approval Ratings, and I can’t say it’s one of my favorites, but I think you’re on the right path. Oh, and about the spy ops idea, no one cares that much about getting sabotaged to the point that they'll use 3 of their spy ops to trace down some random enemy, plus, it just sounds like an annoying chore that won’t actually be beneficial. But that’s just my opinion, after all
  4. There's no oil in North America, see below:
  5. The pun potential this has is almost frightening mmm yes gato de hierro (haha get it, because iron cat in spanish? im so funny, haha, haha...)
  6. you're supposed to get the invite link, then select the server, do the captcha, and that's it. You must have the Manage Server permission to add bots
  7. No, the issue is that it will change the gameplay entirely, current war strategies will become unusable, for example. It will definitely make gameplay more interesting, but it will force builds, war strategies, revenue, tax, basically everything, to change completely. I like your concept, you just need to find a way to implement it.
  8. There is only one problem: How are you gonna implement this without breaking the entire game? Besides that, I like the suggestion
  9. I feel like this idea would make more sense if it affected approval, and if approval had an effect on nations. But eh maybe I'm wrong.
  10. There's an Alliance Announcements tab in alliance pages, which allows for announcements from the leadership and replies from the members. I dunno if this is what you’re looking for, but it is there.
  11. Always up for an extra layer of security
  12. i thought this was about peruvian football i will be seeing myself out
  13. I'd like to confirm what Jaden said, I’m sorry about how I went about it though. I didn’t tell you guys before, which started this whole situation. Also, joining bonuses are in no way bribery. I understand the confusion though. Best wishes to ya and best wishes to Amarr as well!
  14. ok cool oh wait im supposed to be scared hold on aaa oh no
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