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  1. You will understand soon that you are protecting wrong place. As for 2, we always respected you cause we let him to go when he joined in tO after coup in Pantheon, after he steal SMC's bank, leaks etc. To be honest with you, you are protecting a part of alts.
  2. To be honest we're not attacking a part of Hollywood or The Order. We're attacking some alt's i'd say.
  3. All the bests bro. We will miss you
  4. Bullism? Anyway . As i am alive , your group will not do injustices against me and people where i live . Good-bye.
  5. I doubt you guys will look good in their movies.
  6. that is your opinoon .. then in my opinion Pantheon was the greatest alliance . if you want to know why - pantheon has brought a lot of nations who now are some of the highest nations in glob . Pantheon was an Academy . respect dr Rush
  7. hughes Pantheon is a memorial wall if you didn't know . if you was an ex member you can post something about you in the time when you was there in its wall talk to inst.
  8. Yeaa an ex member of Pantheon like a lot of the nations in glob feeling glad for that . And yeaa i know what RoH stands for but it havent any mutual thing with my post
  9. INJUSTICES ... They are just trying to make a new Drama and Injustice after all those spy attacks and for that we complained directly to You , Cotl and others but not to Obvilion because all know them for their INJUSTICES. An informal question - how you accepted them in bloc to mess yourself in their injustices ? And i dont want to be someone who everyone know my name but i want to be someone with enough power and dialogs to stop spying my members and sphere members , which was imposible in Oblivion never . Same happens when they was Rose sphere, same happens in HM sphere . Also do you think that i wanted any conflict with HM after our conversation ? Nah. a secret treaty against the newest and lowest sphere ?
  10. Respect for the Older People than me , disrespect for people with injustices at all time . again - Respect for the Older people than me , disrespect for the people with injustices on them.
  11. Drama;s sometimes you cant avoid a war with someone like them . their power is higher than ours and our nukes will work
  12. No we dont !! ? we are in conflicts with someone who keeps a lot of secret treaties ohh !
  13. Am I ? Yeah because we need to get spy attacks and and declared wars and to shut up in same time.
  14. Touching on me again ? Your leafs was always burn from the other sides and you was never the best guys.
  15. Congrats !!. i remember my first day in this game , and i remember Atlas Technologies as a part of Rose , as a prot of Camelot. Now it is in a m level with Rose Sphere.I feel happy when I see someone evolving over the time.๐Ÿ˜… Best Regards guys .
  16. Yeah ? Dtc and Ockey doing FA of Rose in our FA discord ๐Ÿ˜…
  17. As all of us know that a Spy Attack is an act of war . Our alliance for one response lost 289 spies and for last week lost more than 500 spies from the same deaf killers. - Yeah is hard to live in middle of Acts of War but someone like them is hard to deal.No Response.... ๐ŸŒน&Obivilion Cooperations We tried best ways but those didn't work. Reciprocity will be in place if this continues. This is my Life , this is my Glob , this is my Brotherhood Family. President Llojsa with Love๐Ÿ’
  18. You said Pantheon ? 350 days in it and i never seen you ? But coup worked , cograts ๐Ÿ˜‚.
  19. DO NOT STAIN OUR MEMBERS AND OUR LEADER. The truth will be reported tomorrow.
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