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  2. Also I'm pretty sure that the British Army was bigger than the American army after the Revolution. Speaking of which... "The attrition of constant fighting,[1] the inability of the Royal Navy to decisively defeat the French Navy,[1] and the withdrawal of the majority of British forces from North America in 1778 ultimately led to the British army's defeat." This is from the Wikipedia article about that war. Considering that you guys are LITERALLY infighting, and that you're announcing your withdraw here, I can't help but wonder if this is a repeat of history.
  3. ... except for the 3 that are bigger than all of the others. I'm sure this won't result in a balance issue at all though good work guys.
  4. That's cute. What I do like is that you admit defeat. And no, it would not have been a close defeat. Wars typically last longer than a single week, so there was no nearing defeat for our coalition ever. NPO timed their entry nicely with the rebuild of the rest of the coalition, which allowed us to obliterate everything sub 25 while they took the bulk of the hits for a period of time. Ofc, you can say it's NPOs fault you lost. That's a nice excuse, a cute one at least. Pls, why do I need to attack you if you have no units. smh. You aren't worth my time. And do read before you say you guys have a 3:29 k/d ratio. Look below ^This obviously shows that despite being the ones on the defensive, we killed as much as you did while dragging every single one of you down. Everyone knows that the attacking side has the initial advantage, however you guys failed by overextending. We then used that against you to secure a total victory.
  5. The Last Stronghold of the DaVinci Crime Family have been shut down by police late last night. This morning residents in Gotham City woke up to a strong police presence on the streets. Late last night, residents were awoken to heavy gunfire in the city as the Gotham Police department alongside a detachment from the Military Police stormed the last stronghold of the DaVinci crime family. The firefight lasted all night as our brave men pushed forwards towards ultimate subjugation of the last major threat to peace within the city. Once the army arrived on scene however, the battle was soon wrapped up as choppers dropped elite troops behind enemy lines. Residents were warned by an emergency broadcast followed by the emergency sirens to stay indoors. Once they stepped out of their homes in the morning they were greeted by a wall of officers blocking off the area as vehicles moved in and out of the area while choppers provided CAS. The police have reportedly captured Luis DaVinci and his brother, Alonso. However there are also reports that their younger sister, 19 yr old Alicia is in critical condition and has been transferred to an undisclosed hospital for treatment. "The arrest of the DaVinci brothers has been long in the making and I am proud that my staff and I were able to, with the assistance of the military, apprehend them." - GPD Director. One thing is certain, the streets are certainly safer with a major obstacle in removing all crime in the city removed. Both brothers are to be detained in the world renowned Alcatraz Island Prison located in Arcadia Bay.
  6. Today
  7. Well, it was a good war while it lasted "even though CoA and T$ was only in for 1 to 2 days anyway"
  8. If opportunity cost comes in, the price of having a substantial military with nothing to use it on to close the gap would only hinder IQ. What pace? You choosing to do a full airstrike on soldiers or 1 ship or 20 tanks during the morning, or at night?
  9. IKR? I've had literally only three people counter me in the last month. If Coalition B are such 'victors', you'd think they'd be 'winning', or at least doing better than a 3:29 k/d ratio. (4:28 if you want to count net damage per individual war as opposed to beige.) I'm more than happy to accept IQ's conceding that they're getting successfully raided and aren't protecting anyone
  10. Well I doubt that you are making more money in total than me. Raiding included. Secondly, do to our coalition having the upper hand, we control the pace of the war.
  11. They pulled a reverse Nova Riata... declaring victory even when the majority of people dont agree they are winning
  12. Not that any of you are making much money either, probably less than I do raiding actually, so what's your point?
  13. Except for the fact that if you remain that low, you will miss out on money. Cost of opportunity is something you'll have to factor in if the war has to continue. Ofc there is no good way to show this, but it remains a factor.
  14. Excuse me high IQ dank memer, pls give me ur expert analysis on what winning a war is.
  15. Although that is a point to be made (but rather exaggerated in relevance by IQ), the graphs show that even though IQ's numbers and full planes inevitably wiped the planes of their opponents, by the time they did so, their opponents looted way too much for them to be able to close the gap. (Aka the lack of infra wasn't nearly as big of a deal as IQ not storing their resources properly stat-wise) Although if the current pattern continued, IQ could possibly close the gap by 2023. Either side can argue that what they want. IQ could argue that even though they entered with twice the numbers on two blocs (via BS CBs) that had low infra (but also had almost no spies and reduced warchests) and ended up with hundreds of billions in the negatives that they secured a phyrric victory. I'd definitely be pushing that agenda if I were them. But as it stands, the damage gap is huge and pretty soon here, and once they airstrike all the infra they can, if they cannot secure decent loot somewhere, the damage gap will remain. In which case other arguments will be made such as nations going inactive, nations deleted, alliances disbanded, VMs, morale, allies lost, allies gained. Although in the grand scheme of things, you could argue that negative stats are worth it if each consecutive war, another enemy of yours joins your sphere. Which has generally been the pattern for the last several years and one that will stagnate the game until it dies.
  16. How else will our new overlord justify their regular tilting at windmills?
  17. This graph shows you all barely defeated KERCHTOG and Chaos. Without NPO (with their BS about someone threatening them) it would have been a defeat for Coalition B way back when. I like to think there were actually two wars. The first ending in an obvious defeat and second war in a close defeat for KERCHTOG. Anyways, KERCHTOG still has a valid causi belli because NPO interfered, revived IQ and tried twisting things around.
  18. No idea what "KERTHOG", or however you spell it, is. I just know there is the "Ruling Class" and the "Ruled Class" in this war.
  19. I'm fighting with your side money and sometimes I put something in the bank even if I target BK/NPO active players in the mid-upper tier, may not help too much me but sure doesn't help you guys Also listen to your master BK, this war will never end they said
  20. I hope that it is over since I'm skeptical about this so called "Victory" that I'm reading. Edit: Never mind, Saw the other post so it is over then.
  21. This post is disingenuous. Let’s do a 3 year NAP.
  22. No kidding I knew a guy who had 16 windmills in his cities with 4k Infra. Not going to name drop but was glad when he got rid of them,
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