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Rules vs opinions


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Trust me, I know more than anyone about soft modding and keeping the game fun, that is half the reason I was appointed and I was very against heavy handed modding and am in favour of letting people have fun. However blatant disregard for the modding staff, who put their own extra time and effort into running this forum effectively, is 100% not a good thing and is detrimental to the health of the forum. You need to now take a step back, look at it from a mods perspective and "check yo self". As we have said, any post in the awards thread that disregards what we have said and is a clear attempt to annoy the modding staff will receive a warn.


We are not making a big deal of anything, you are the guys that made this thread. We are also not modding arbitrarily, we have said our piece and as mods are all agreed. In the future please try to make better contribution to the community in your posts to avoid further warns.


Mods having an opinion of what is and is not spam is not a rule. It is just an opinion. I checked the rules before I posted. The rules are pretty clear. Opinions will differ and that is fine. That is why there are rules.


Again there was a contribution. Would you like folks to report posts that do not meet their opinions on better contribution?


Lastly, I strongly suspect I know more about modding in all its forums than you.


irt the disregard of the mod that is a separate issue although it appears linked in your mind. It is NOT linked. That was wrong. That warn was valid. Your linking it to valid posts is biased modding which is not good.


Good people can agree and be wrong as I suspect is the case here. Again the rules are clear and were not violated.

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-signature removed for rules violation-

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He should. It's fun.

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