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Rewarded ads, timer bug, or glitch.


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ok so. if you sit for a little bit, say the timer is on like 170, then you go to another page, within politics and war, like, if I go view my nation, and then, go back any time before the entire 170 seconds has elapsed. it resets back to 180. while, if I waited on another page for the entire 3 mins to elapse, it'll let me watch the ads. that's just a really strange feature, idk if that is on purpose, or something, but, it's kind of annoying when your like ten seconds early, and now you've got to wait again. lol.

I realize it's a new thing, just figured I should let you guys know, so you can fix it maybe 😛 it's not that big of a deal, but, it was enough of an annoyance to make me post this so. 


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The timer is really just for your convenience, as if you watch the ads too fast the 3rd party ad provider may blacklist your IP and count your views as "spam" stopping you from getting any reward.

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