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  1. Greetings young one! fresh from the spawn tubes i see :). you are invited to join The Galactic Republic, a community of fellow Star Wars lovers and an environment full of respectful banter. we offer you a seat amongst fellow players with years of experience. A polite and respectful government, and atmosphere, full of people who are willing to help you grow, learn, and develop skills that you can use to advance your nation. Sign up today and receive a $1.5m signing bonus. Smash some clankers with your pals Join a community that rewards you for participating. You could earn an extra $5m a month just for actively participating in the community and game. Click the link below to join our discord, where friendly moderators are standing by to enlist you into the clone ranks today. https://discord.gg/rhNwZf and apply to our alliance at. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6645&display=announcements
  2. dose anyone know how to send mass messages to new members? for like, alliance recruitment?
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