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11/28/2021 - Cyber Monday 2021 Extra Donation Deal


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Hey everybody,

I’m announcing a Politics and War “Cyber Monday” deal – the first time we’ve ever done anything like this. This whole thing is a bit of an experiment and is different than our usual donation options, so let me explain:

For a limited time (through the end of the year) we’re offering an “Extra Donation Deal” that each player can purchase and receive specific benefits in-game ($250,000,000 cash for your nation, 1 Year of VIP, a special nation award, and a special nation achievement.) Each player can only purchase this package once, and it does not count toward your monthly credit limit.

The Extra Donation Deal has its own page setup that you can find here. There are also links from the Nation and Donate pages.

Purchasing this Extra Donation Deal will not add any Credits to your nation. You will receive the $250,000,000 in-game cash and other benefits directly. It does not count against your Credit redemption limit, and you can still donate for and use 10 Credits in November and in December.

The Extra Donation Deal is priced at $89.99, but for the duration of Cyber Monday (ending at 12AM 11/30 Server Time) you can purchase it for only $49.99; that’s $40 off.

This deal is only available through PayPal. It would have been prohibitively difficult to put this last minute deal together within the app versions of the game, so unfortunately you cannot purchase this deal through the App Store or Google Play Store. If you are an app user, you can still buy the Extra Donation Deal, you would just need to login to your account at politicsandwar.com in either your mobile internet browser or on a desktop computer.

I understand some of you may have concerns about the game being pay-to-win and that this deal may offer an unfair advantage to some players. Yes, I concede that it does offer an advantage to anyone who buys it, however I am still being very mindful of pay-to-win concerns and keeping the competitive benefits of donations to the game limited to ensure the game is fun and fair for everyone. For that reason, each player can only buy this deal once and it is only being offered through the end of the year. The benefit is about the same as the usual monthly Credit redemption limit, so it is like a one-time event where you can get double the donation benefit in a single month.

All of these things were taken into consideration and planned to limit any concerns about the game being pay-to-win. At the end of the day, however, I am still trying to make some money to pay for server hosting, development, moderation, and marketing for the game. I hope that you will see this as a good faith effort to raise more money to continue improving the game and trying to attract and retain more new players rather than simply a cash grab. It is really important to me that we have a fun and fair competitive environment for all players, not just the very small fraction who donate. I am trying to compromise and find a balance that satisfies everyone.

For those of you who don’t know, last year I hired our first part-time game developer, and just recently hired two paid moderators to help out with the game. I’m hoping to continue freeing up more of my time to work directly on development as well as communicating with you all in the community directly to improve the game. The game is continuing to grow, and as expenses are increasing I am trying to find new ways to grow revenue as well. I am very open to your feedback, and if you have feedback on this limited time donation offer I’d love to hear it.

Thank you all for playing Politics and War, and I’m really looking forward to continuing to grow with you!

Click here to access the Extra Donation Deal - $40 Off Through The End of ‘Cyber Monday’

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