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How do you delete a city?

Longwei Qiang

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4 hours ago, Longwei Qiang said:

The Game Rules mention players being allowed to delete their cities if desired. I've checked everywhere but still can't find the option to delete cities. How do you do it?

Hello! To delete a city, you need to first sell down infra and then you should see the option to delete the city. Hope this helps!


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sell infra to reach 0.01, either by putting a negative amount to reach that (if you have 1500, put -1499.99) or by putting @0.01 in the infra purchase section.
(you should also sell your land to 0.01, while the money returned is negligible, you will delete the city anyways so might as well squeeze everything you can out of it)

after you do this a button will appear that will allow you to delete your city after a password prompt. 

you will have to remove all your improvements from the city to delete all its infra, an easy way to do this quickly is to click "Import" next to your improvement count and paste this import code (you may also have to sell some military before importing if deleting their improvement would put your standing army above your capacity)

    "infra_needed": 0,
    "imp_total": 0,
    "imp_coalpower": 0,
    "imp_oilpower": 0,
    "imp_windpower": 0,
    "imp_nuclearpower": 0,
    "imp_coalmine": 0,
    "imp_oilwell": 0,
    "imp_uramine": 0,
    "imp_leadmine": 0,
    "imp_ironmine": 0,
    "imp_bauxitemine": 0,
    "imp_farm": 0,
    "imp_gasrefinery": 0,
    "imp_aluminumrefinery": 0,
    "imp_munitionsfactory": 0,
    "imp_steelmill": 0,
    "imp_policestation": 0,
    "imp_hospital": 0,
    "imp_recyclingcenter": 0,
    "imp_subway": 0,
    "imp_supermarket": 0,
    "imp_bank": 0,
    "imp_mall": 0,
    "imp_stadium": 0,
    "imp_barracks": 0,
    "imp_factory": 0,
    "imp_hangars": 0,
    "imp_drydock": 0


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