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Make Turn Changes Longer Again


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As much as I greatly enjoy the shorter turn changes the current problems that arrive from it are not really worth it.

Day change attacks where you need to buy after the turn change is basically impossible for the attacker. A good defender can attack you before you have a chance to buy units. They have around 3 minutes of time to attack you before you are able to buy units.

MAPS are crazy again, people can once again do attacks without losing maps (sometimes).


I like short turn changes, I prefer consistency. 
To that same point of consistency I would like to ask if it is possible to permanently give the servers another boost because god darn they can hurt sometimes.


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either that or simply allow the military unit purchase reset to occur faster - in line with the time it takes for a turn to change. 

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The midnight server update is currently set to timeout for 3 minutes, I just increased that to 4 which could get pushed live as soon as tonight's midnight update.

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