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Not able to like comments on bulletins or bulletin posts


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What were you doing (or trying to do): Was trying to like bulletin posts and their comments 

What happened (describe thoroughly please): When i click on the like button on any comment or bulletin, my like doesnt get counted and i dont get any response that i have liked something.Even if i right click on the like button and open a new tab to like it i receive ''about:blank#blocked''. Even tried on android device but didnt work

Link to page: n/a  this happens for every post and comment.tried multiple times but no response.

Any other relevant information: na


Screenshot: (if available)image.thumb.png.ac676a4090cf0d73a66ee011047bb586.png

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Right clicking and opening in a new tab won't work, as it's a javascript button.

Is this for all bulletins / comments? Or just some?

I noticed we're having an intermittent issue with it not working depending on the image(s) embedded in the post. Therefore I can replicate for some, but not all, bulletins. Either way, we are working on the issue.

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