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1 hour ago, Kevin'sRedFords said:

I'm new to this.

I barely know what to do.

Also, how do you get to the screen where you can buy infrastructure and whatnot?  

Hey there, 


Welcome to the game 


To build cities, click on cities on the left hand bar, then click on your city. It will then give you an option to build infrastructure and improvements

or you can follow this link: https://politicsandwar.com/city/id=406122

In addition, I recommend to increase your infrastructure in multiples of 100 as it is cheaper to do so. At every 50 infrastructure you build, you can purchase 1 improvement.


I also recommend you to got through the tutorial as it will help you with all this stuff



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Welcome to the game! Games like these can be a lot to take in at first, I recommend going through the tutorial and completing the objectives as well as joining an alliance. Alliances have advanced members happy to help your nation maximize its potential.

A good way to find the right alliance for you is by checking here, and seeing if one clicks.

Blame Dan Schneider~



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