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Defamation of Character/Racist embargo.

Guest PhantomThiefB

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Guest PhantomThiefB

Nation being reported : https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=152918

Reason : Accused of using the N word, which I have never done EVER. This is a Defamation of character and I will not tolerate such accusations towards myself.

Proof. @Alex Also this is an OOC attack against me personally on top of the Defamation of character.



@AntMan I'm tagging you so you may attempt to defend yourself, however I am shocked at this accusation and am at a loss as to what made you think I've ever used such terms.

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Forgot to add this is an OOC attack on myself.
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I've issued a moderation strike.

Everyone knows that the "n word" is not "nice" and it is completely inappropriate to accuse someone of that.

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