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  1. https://discord.gg/93W66H https://discordapp.com/channels/672481909887991818/704178377459761152/727813316914970805
  2. See, you can call me whatever you want. IF you have a problem with me, tell me a date and time so we can settle it man to man.
  3. Bots dont lie and I can do that much damage again, if you want to see me do it again. But it is up to you.
  4. So um, war stats yea, no war is complete without that Swamp Damage Taken Total: $528,711,819.23 The Coal Mines Damage Taken Total: $206,991,585.74 AssassinsOfTheDark (1 nation)losses: $93,654,606.15 26 nations losses: $1,037,531,089.87(which is apparently swamp of 600mish) Total Damage Swamp: 1.128bn Total Damage TCM: 301m+400m as reps Total negative Swamp: 400m
  5. Alex is a turd and sorry to say destroying his own business
  6. Definition of Swamp 1 : a wetland often partially or intermittently covered with water especially : one dominated by woody vegetation 2 : a tract of swamp 3 : a difficult or troublesome situation or subject. Best avoided when travelling alone or when ghosting; that way lurk monsters. I acknowledge I should’ve read the signs to ‘Get Outta My Swamp’ and will stay clear in the future.
  7. With the current score system, this change is not viable at all. With the previous system, yes, it might have been viable due to the heavy downdeclares But with downdecalres dead, there is no way you can get this system to work
  8. Hey there, Today I am here to talk about adding a new mechanic which I am going to call "Beige" to ensure people don't have to quit because they cannot recover from a war. The Current Mechanics: The current mechanics lets people lose wars but doesnt give them a much needed recovery time. You can literally be hit the moment you lose a war over and over again, leaving no wriggle room to get free. With the score ranges as they are now, this only makes the matter worse since a double buy wont get you anywhere when you can be sat on by people of your city count with maxed out military. Plus, e
  9. @Dr Rush and @Lossi can testify that I did make a report via discord and that it was ruled that these wars arent war slot-filling(ticket 938 possibly) The thing however is what he said, that depending on who makes the report, the same issue can be viewed with bias. I am not asking you to reverse your decisions but please make decisions in agreement with your previous decisions.
  10. So you are telling me I need to make an alliance called Camelot's Milcom ? Ok bud, I'll make sure your wish is true
  11. Alex, you told me literally yesterday this isnt slotfilling WTF are you doing now?
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