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  1. A big change that needs to be done is to allow soldiers to kill planes as well. Maxed out soldiers should be able to kill 5% aircrafts on avg per IT. The % kills need to be upped The % kills for tanks and planes should be same by each other. Also, the soldiers should be able to kill planes Around 3% of the 27% should be killed by soldiers
  2. I am not sure but looks like GC doesnt disable kill rates,ie, someone with the GC kills same amount as without GC
  3. With the lowered kill rates, it seems people in the lower city counts aren't losing units at all. Look at this timeline here: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=662516 In 2 attacks with the aggressor having 5 ships and defender having 4, both times no ships were lost. Now, this might be brushed off as "Tell him to get more units" or "He did get a victory" but that wont cut it. Each time a unit isnt killed in a battle, it will keep the value of the army same and hence the types of victory will always be the same. Plus, it is very counter productive when these are for counters. The person who we are countering for might not have enough units or warchest but since the army cannot be killed off, they will never be able to recover Please fix this ASAP
  4. This isnt the first time Hizu has let us down
  5. If that is the case, then we should be given an option to select how many bombers and fighters there are. Also, this isnt happening only for planes. In Ground attacks, the casualty is usually more than the killed
  6. An exploit/bug is an exploit/bug Doesnt matter whether it is small or not Not a bug or exploit. Alex said he wont decomm planes manually
  7. Well I will pay But you should join in too Just because you are an MD ally
  8. Greetings everyone! I hereby announce the beginning of the "Exploit It" tournament. The new update has brought about a lot of new bugs and exploits and we aim to catch them all. In this tournament, the one who is able to find the most exploits in the game will win a grand prize of 50m+a hug from no one other than me, your favourite Avenger ANTMAN, the true the killer of Thanos, saviour of the world. How to enter this competition? You just post the exploit here to win. TO make things easy for us, just say: GAME EXPLOIT when you post the exploit. Duration: 1 month. Winner: The one who catches the most exploits. Rewards: 50m to the winner. 1m to anyone who participates.
  9. When over 60% of the active community is saying the changes are bad, there must be something wrong with it.
  10. This will be the official thread since it has a flag @mods please lock this thread now
  11. Firstly, FRICK YOU NOKIA. MAKE BETTER DOWs. Now to the main part. Hi people of Orbis. Firstly, warm welcome from Clover Kingdom. We understand that with the recent war changes, people are not quite sure how the next gen wars will go. Tbh, even I dont. I've never seen flying tanks after all. That's why we in Clover Kingdom are testing these new features on the field. We thank Unforgiving Legion for co-sponsoring these tests. Currently, the plan is one round of warfare and white peace+full reps to UL. We hope our tests help us as well as Orbis better understand how shitty these changes are. Signed: AntMan, the original Thanos Killer
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