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  1. The contents should be deleted tbh. If you forget your alliance has contents, then it must be deleted I include the nitro gift message as well to prove its legitimacy. You can check my discord to see whether I have nitro or not. I can understand Neko not wanting to make the report himself due to players like GOONS criticizing everything he does, good or bad.
  2. Dont question my caffeine filled sleep cycles. I am 100% sure that declaring war is possible during snore. However, doing attacks is impossible. If you mean by blitz the declarations, yes, one can do a blitz at snore, preventing people from launching attacks during the entire length of 8 minutes and possibly even suppress notifications. Using a flaw in game design doesnt mean a bot is involved.
  3. Step 1. Make an alliance Step 2. Get someone to put resources in the alliance. Step 3. Disband alliance. All resources in alliance bank get auto sent to your nation. @Alex thanks for this new feature update Courtesy: Neko for pointing out out.
  4. tl;dr Sheepts aren't working. I ran debug on the script and this is what i got. Message details Request failed for https://politicsandwar.com returned code 503. Truncated server response: <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html lang="en-US"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" /> <me... (use muteHttpExceptions option to examine full response) (line 14, file "Trade API") This is the error message generated The line 14 in question The sheets were working fine a few days earlier. But they just broke. I can guarantee I made no changes to them recently.
  5. Trick question: Did the number of their aircrafts drop after that? Once you have an answer to this, I believe you will find how you destroyed 72 or 36 aircrafts.
  6. There was another issue with a hack a few days ago but someone called Alex decided not to reply to discord DMs I believe the same vulnerability was used for both these "hacks"
  7. Hippo, he is talking about them deciding the 5th word of the 6th peace point.
  8. While we all cheer on the end of the game, let us not forget the person who predicted all this:

  9. Reported for using Moderation as a weapon
  10. Just to prove how leaky Sphinx is, this was leaked to us a week before tCW tried to form their new atonement bloc.
  11. Can't think of a greater insult than being forced to fight with goons lol. No matter who wins the 'war', we know the 6d chess only T$ won
  12. The leaks arent the reason for this war. This is to avenge the Pantheon Bank Akuryo stole ages ago. o7 T$. I shall support you in this noble endeavor.
  13. i didnt think you will post before me. NVM that, i corrected that post. And reported for baiting me to give this reply jk
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