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  1. Col A bad Col B bad Col C bad But deep down we all know Col D real culprit and Epstein didnt kill himself
  2. Does this count as your leak for the day?
  3. Last time I checked, it was a guy with a 0 military who stole some 4.5b in a war and not some inflated fat duck. People who decide stuff by metrics are the dumbest.
  4. We should let the war go on just so Kastor can run out of leaks. Just saying.
  5. Nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=183484 Violation type: Innappropriate nation flag containing nudity. Flag: https://politicsandwar.com/uploads/de3b2bdc72c9f396594ca6a2b960332708cbe590421.png This is the second time he has done it. Last time he was reported, he promptly changed the flag and once the report was locked, immediately changed it back to the above. Last report.
  6. AntMan

    A plea to all

    @George (James T Kirk) you are a year too late but congratulations. This change of attitudes occured after KF and many had noticed it but had decided to remain silent.
  7. [Evidence] cock1 /kɒk/ noun 1. BRITISH a male bird, especially of a domestic foul. verb 1. tilt (something) in a particular direction. "she cocked her head slightly to one side" 2. raise the cock of (a gun) in order to make it ready for firing. "he took the loaded pistol from his belt and cocked it"
  9. Like stop reporting me for the same thing over and over again.
  10. Greetings, friends and well-wishers of Orbis. As the season of goodness rolls in, Esquire Templar wishes people a jingle-belly December. "bUt wAiT aSSaSSiN bOi, iT iSnT eVeN dEcEmbER yEt." OK, BOOMER! Anyways, back to the topic- there once existed an alliance called Zodiac. And it had this person called HitGirl and he did give me dollars on thingy on Christmas. Yea, you guys already understood what ET is trying to do. We are doing a public drive to generate funds as well as other things to giveaway to people on Christmas. Any and all funds generated will be recorded publically and stored in a safe place. And on 20-26th December, people throughout Orbis will be sent gifts. Let me explain the process. A server link will be posted in this thread and maybe(if I can afford credits) an advert will be put on ig. After this, people who wish to donate can join the server. There might be a delay in the masking but you will be verified and masked within 24 hours of joining. There will be a form for donating and a form to request gifts. Please fill the necessary ones. After this, we will contact the people who wish to donate via DMs and work out how much we will receive, how we will receive and when we will receive the donations. Screenshots and necessary proof will be taken. The window for donations close on 18th December, after which we will calculate how much was generated. We will make an announcement regarding the total funds generated. Post this, we will start sending the gifts from 20th. Gifts will be based on a cory count basis. Now, we already have a list of people who want gifts and what they want. We will work out how many cities in total these receivers have and then divide the resources we have based by the total cities. Now, I have already mentioned this is a public drive. I invite people to help me with the logistics as well. ET will need a Christmas flag as well for this event. We will also need people well versed in sheets, a safe place to store the funds as well as moderators and helpers for this event. The reason we are posting this now and not a week later is because: 1) The global is still going on and wont be ending anytime soon(please dont start a blame-game in this thread pls). 2) My semester exams will be extra hectic through 1st to 10th December. 3) We need extra time to calculate and do stuff. A well-planned, longer event has more chances of being a bigger success. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PZSaykq
  11. Hello people! I sympathize with GOONS here. The reason they report anybody and everybody is because they cant do it themselves. Tbh, the word "lolipop" immediately sends blood rushing to their pp. BUT THEY CANT DO ANYTHING CUZ THAT WILL BE GAY. And not doing anything will be homophobic. Hence they need to report them. After rigorous investigations, I have discovered the GOONS are saltosexual, ie, a condition where they are attracted to salt. All we are doing here is feeding their saltophilia. If you meet a GOON, please understand their sexual orientation and respect them. Else you might need to check your salt privileges. Thank you for being an understanding netizen of Orbis. On a serious note, the Mods do what the mods do and I have no complain against them. I believe it is us who are responsible for this hate. Grow up- both sides. And stop reporting people just because of a vendetta against them. If someone is doing something bad, report it. Or you can send them a DM and say they might be violating a rule(which honestly is the better thing to do). In the end, STOP. BOTH SIDES. Oh and end the war if you want and if possible, send me dollars at ETDF.
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