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  1. https://discord.gg/93W66H https://discordapp.com/channels/672481909887991818/704178377459761152/727813316914970805
  2. See, you can call me whatever you want. IF you have a problem with me, tell me a date and time so we can settle it man to man.
  3. Bots dont lie and I can do that much damage again, if you want to see me do it again. But it is up to you.
  4. So um, war stats yea, no war is complete without that Swamp Damage Taken Total: $528,711,819.23 The Coal Mines Damage Taken Total: $206,991,585.74 AssassinsOfTheDark (1 nation)losses: $93,654,606.15 26 nations losses: $1,037,531,089.87(which is apparently swamp of 600mish) Total Damage Swamp: 1.128bn Total Damage TCM: 301m+400m as reps Total negative Swamp: 400m
  5. Alex is a turd and sorry to say destroying his own business
  6. Definition of Swamp 1 : a wetland often partially or intermittently covered with water especially : one dominated by woody vegetation 2 : a tract of swamp 3 : a difficult or troublesome situation or subject. Best avoided when travelling alone or when ghosting; that way lurk monsters. I acknowledge I should’ve read the signs to ‘Get Outta My Swamp’ and will stay clear in the future.
  7. With the current score system, this change is not viable at all. With the previous system, yes, it might have been viable due to the heavy downdeclares But with downdecalres dead, there is no way you can get this system to work
  8. Hey there, Today I am here to talk about adding a new mechanic which I am going to call "Beige" to ensure people don't have to quit because they cannot recover from a war. The Current Mechanics: The current mechanics lets people lose wars but doesnt give them a much needed recovery time. You can literally be hit the moment you lose a war over and over again, leaving no wriggle room to get free. With the score ranges as they are now, this only makes the matter worse since a double buy wont get you anywhere when you can be sat on by people of your city count with maxed out military. Plus, even if there are 8 people double buying units and suicinding into one person, the kill rates are too low to allow any significant damage to take place. Why it is bad: Game are supposed to be a fairer version of the real world. And to make things fair, recovery time is much needed. Games are supposed to be a place where you escape reality and if I can;t recover while in the game, why will I play the game? To look at the effects this feature can have, you need not look any further than around 6 months back when the game lost nearly half the active player base and had been on a downward slide ever since then till the recent Drew video. Even then, the actual active player gain from the game had been real low at around 2000, barely bumping the count a few hundred above the pre-war amounts. Without beige or a mechanic to allow recovery, players WILL leave the game even more so and faster this time around. And when players start leaving, it hurts YOUR pockets @Alex. The current status: While we have been said a new mechanic will be implemented to cover this issue, the current status is "Pending". There have been a few suggestions(and I will discuss the merits and demerits of each at a later point) but the biggest question is HOW FAST will they be implemented or if they will be implemented at all or not. The Immediate Issue(Temporary fixes): The removal of the mechanics was too sudden and as such didnt give anyone the time to cope up with the changes. The immediate issue thereby is the "Cope Up" time. The suggestion for this is: PUT EVERYONE IN BEIGE for 2 weeks. This is nothing new and as such, has been done when the updates for War Types rolled out. The second issue is: People are losing infra and money at an extremely fast rate by getting attacked all the time. The fix to this is: 1) Reduce loot to 5% and infra losses to 1% when losing a war, the loot being when war is fought at Raid and the infra loss is for all war types. 2) Reduce loot from ground attacks and infra losses from all attacks to 10% of their current value. Additionally, up the "Unraidable Money" limit to 250k per city and add an "Unraidable resource" limit of 500 of each resource per city(with a limit of 1000 for food). 3) To allow for people to be able to resupply, allow people to access the bank for when under blockades and upto 100/city of each resource(200 for food) per day. They still will not be able to trade since trades can be used to funnel out resources and money in different ways.{citation needed since I cant think of a way to deposit loot} These fixes are only temporary till a new mechanic is devised. The Long Term Issue(Permanent Fix): This is where we start talking about the actual ways to settle these issues in the long term. The above measures might be used for a permanent fix if the general populace are ok with that but I believe those mostly are patches and can have adverse effects if used in the long term. Fix 1: Bringing back beige as it was: This fix is as it says: Bring back fricking beige. This is the simplest solution out there which wont need much coding at all. Infact, people would like it, as has been showed by the community already(upvote if you want beige back). Fix 2: Bringing Pseudo Beige: Pseudo Beige is a state where a country has just lost a war. For this, the color of the nation is changed to beige but they can still be attacked. This has 2 phases: The Immediate phase where you have just lost a war. This phase lasts for 6 turns non-stackable and the effect is that for these 6 turns no defensive war can have any superiorities over you, even if it is a new defensive war. This allows nations to restock on resources or deposit loot. The After Effects phase is phase 2 which lasts for 18 turns stackable upto 10 days. During this time, you get to buy 50% more military daily for first defeat and a 10% increase in buy size per subsequent defeat, with a upper limit of 200%. The effect winds down only after you have left Pseudo Beige mode. You also lose 50% less military in defensive wars during this time. Thus, if you get beiged in 8 wars, you can have 144 turns of After Effect beige, allowing you to build up easier. Fix 3: Bringing back beige but revised: Reference: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/29405-changes-to-beige-to-make-it-balanced/ The main problem with beige was that it could be used to slotfill or people could sit on people indefinitely. Here is so ways to fix this up. 1) If the nation you are at war with is allied to your alliance or is in your alliance or was in your alliance at any point of the war, even if as an applicant, the war will be immediately peaced. Raiders can still be paid to beige but that is something that has to be moderated. 2) Beige from losing a war is bumped to 4 days for a defensive war and 2 day for an offensive war, limited to 1 war only. When a nation loses any defensive war, all other defensive wars get peaced automatically. Since the maximum beige one can get is 6 days based on this system, this allows for a nation to come back while at the same time gives the attackers a chance to hit the person when he is weak as well. 3) Reduce War durations to 3 days(36 turns) and to increase resistance damage from attacks to suit this time. I propose this system: Ground Attacks: IT=20, MV=15, PV=10 Airstrikes: IT=25, MV=20, PV=15 Naval battles: IT=35, MV=30, PV=25 Nukes: 45 Missiles: 30 There are two pros of this: First, Sitting wont be possible if the target is beiged since he will always get atleast 2 days to rebuild. The number of units killed will be very low since the battle will be short, making comebacks even easier. Fix 4: Remove War completely: The reason we even need beige is because a war system exists. Removing war is easy and there will be no complaints from people ever, meaning no moderation at all. So remove war.
  9. AntMan

    War Slot Filling

    @Dr Rush and @Lossi can testify that I did make a report via discord and that it was ruled that these wars arent war slot-filling(ticket 938 possibly) The thing however is what he said, that depending on who makes the report, the same issue can be viewed with bias. I am not asking you to reverse your decisions but please make decisions in agreement with your previous decisions.
  10. So you are telling me I need to make an alliance called Camelot's Milcom ? Ok bud, I'll make sure your wish is true
  11. AntMan

    War Slot Filling

    Alex, you told me literally yesterday this isnt slotfilling WTF are you doing now?
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