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Ivan Ivanov

Baseball tournaments

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I propose we implement a system that makes multiple nation baseball tournaments easier.

It works like this;

A number of nations sign up for a tournament, with the host nation of the tournament setting the joining fee. For this example, let’s say the joining fee was 1 million, and four nations (including the host) are participating.

The current baseball algorithm plays a game between nation 1 and 2. Let’s say nation 2 wins. Then, the algorithm plays a baseball game between 3 and 4. Let’s say 4 wins. Finally, the algorithm runs a game between 2 and 4, with nation 2 winning. Nation 2 wins the four million dollars, or whatever the total amount of money the joining fee was. Of course, the joining fee can change, perhaps even costing recourses instead of money, and the amount of nations participating can change as well.

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