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what is property?


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After looking into this more, I found that some of the nations do not share IPs the majority of the time, making me think that the nations 132297 and 137634 are not connected to Garth the Gardener and/or Goar. They may have some generous trades with each other but they are not breaking any rules as they are not sharing an IP. I will continue to observe them as it could be a case of using a VPN, although I highly doubt it.
As far as Garth and Goar goes, they did share an IP for a bit but they no longer do, but looking back at their trade history, there was nothing suspicious and I couldn't find anything else that would point to the nations being ran by the same person. 
I will keep an eye on these nations though and if you have any other proof you would like to present or you believe I missed you are free to do so.

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Account Goblinland created account Turnland(funny right) to send his money to his main (garth). Account Turnland had literally one login and that was to act as a middle-account for this guys dealings. If you know the politics of orbis you know pantheon can only raid inactives and >50 alliances. So this guy has 2 other accounts with which he raids and funnels his money to his main. The third he only used once as a middleman and discarded the account since. It was pretty obvious on discord when this guy messages me to leave his 'friend' alone, logs off then a new discord account contacts me saying he is his 'friend' and immediately applies to join our alliance. It was pretty much the same guy and he went completely silent since. 

Should i mention that at the time of the OP all accounts had the same last login (11h for all 4 accounts). Two of the accounts share the same unique ID and they all speak the same broken english. I understand you have a hard job dealing with these matters and maybe you can write it off as 'generous trades', but from my perspective its pretty clear what is going on. But then again maybe im wrong, i can live with that.

Its also funny how this guys first reaction when i asked him about 'turnland', an account that just sent him 130m for free, is to say he doesnt know who he is, only to change his statement seconds later. I think its worth mentioning again that these accounts are very similary named too (turnland and goblinland).

This is what i know and im only posting it so you have a players perspective on these dealings. I think you can see why i dont think all these accounts belonging to the same person is a far fetched idea even if irrefutable evidence is not something that can be achieved in these matters. My guess is we cant know 100% sure either way.

Small things like repeatedly using the amount of 3food as opposed to anything else is also a clue in my opinion. All accounts as you can see tend to use this amount for some reason, probably because the guy is more comfortable pressing that key over any of the others.

Im sorry for the mess in this screenshot, it may be low production but you get the idea.



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After further review you are correct, these nations are all about to be banned. Thank you for the report.

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5 hours ago, what is property? said:

No problem but am I to understand he gets to keep his main?

Ah, it appears I had missed the main account in the first round of banning. Thank you for letting me know, the main nation has been banned now as well.

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