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This is The Golden Horde's Gaming chat.  Come join us.

I'll be regularly setting up MP Games of Hoi4.


At the moment, we'll be arranging a Vanilla Game (No mods) with all the DLC (Waking the Tiger, etc).

Patch Requirement:  Cornflakes v1.5.1 (dbb6)


Good internet is a must.  If you live out in the sticks, please don't try to play.  It slows the game down drastically.

Good PC is a must.  If you have a potato, see above.

You must have patience.  The game moves at 3 speed tops with more than 2 players playing on MP.  We'll be regularly saving the game and picking it back up at scheduled dates.  If you cannot attend on these dates, we'll have the AI play your nation in your absence (And yes, you can pick it up at a later date or "Hot Join" in when you can show up).


Pay attention to our Discord Chat and this Thread for scheduled dates.  We'll be focusing more on US Evening Times and Weekends.  Once we get use to MP settings, we'll be adding in scheduled MOD'd games (Kaiserreich is a popular one.  Road to 56 is also another popular one).


Do not worry about DLCs.  You play off the DLCs that the Host has.  I have them all if I'm hosting.

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Hell yea. Although you REALLY need to get the expert AI mod. It makes the game so much better

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Kicking off a game this coming Thursday (tomorrow) at 7pm US EST.  Should give us around 3 hours of play to get passed the initial starting stages.

Scenerio Rules:  Historic AI.  Players can play Major Nations, but they must be balanced (As in, we can't have Germany, Japan, Italy taken up while only UK and USSR are played).  Players CANNOT politically influence Majors (Yes, that includes the US), but they CAN influence Minors.

Players that play a Minor nation may join any 3 Factions they want.  The overall scenerio is to play out WW2 and try to alter the decisions made during that timeline.

So stereotypical play, but with players in the mix!


If you get eliminated, you're more than welcome to pick up another nation and carry on with what the AI was doing.

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Friday, April 6th.  7pm EST


Last time we had 11 people show up for a game.  Some didn't get to play long unfortunately, but holy shit - 11 people.  That was crazy.


I'm going to look into mods, but this scenario will involve all of us playing non-affiliated/important Minor Nations that's not in a faction or part of scripted war.  We're talking Central/South America, some European nations, and some nations in Asia (Non-China/Russia.  Example:  Tibet would be considered a viable option).

Cannot politically influence major alliances, but can influence other minor nations (Yes, this includes Britain's Commonwealth nations that's AI controlled).  You can also influence player nation's (Although I don't know why you would waste the political power on that).

If we play vanilla, anything goes.  You can join a faction or create your own faction.

Non-Historical AI will be the mode for this.


If we play with mods, this scenario may change.  I'm going to see if Kaiser is stable or any of the add-on mods (Road to 56 for example).

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