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Elite: Dangerous

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Is there anyone in PnW that plays Elite? If so, tell us about your career as a Commander in 3304! Have you gained Elite status? What do you think of the Beyond expasion??? etc.

I'm currently some what of a freelance explorer, I've got a lot of travel under my belt and am almost done with the build of my engineered Anaconda. I'd insert a screencap of my travels but the files are far too large to stick in this post apparently.

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On 1/21/2018 at 9:55 PM, Kurdanak said:

I don't play, but I've been meaning to. The whole alien arrival thing looked incredibly interesting.

I completely forgot I made this thread XD. But the arrival of the Thargoids has definitely been interesting, I just yeeted my way out of there and avoided the conflict altogether. You need some really high-end shit in order to even try to compete with them. While I have the money to invest in a good anti-thargoid build, (which can number in the hundreds of millions of credits) the time investment would be way too much for me. As I've not the resources to engineer a good combat vessel. I'd rather keep trading or go into the deep black of space. 

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