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"Latest Posts" not showing.......latest posts?

Sailor Jerry

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Not sure if a thread has already been made for this or if it has been happening to anyone else, but sometimes when I log in, I go straight to the "Latest Post" section to see what's going on since my last login.  I've had it happen on several occasions where in the "Latest Post" section, it will state that a topic has just had a new reply from today......I click on the topic only to find that the last reply in the tread was from say a month ago.  Not sure what to make of it, just thought I'd bring it up to let someone know.  Not necessarily a problem....just more of a nuisance really.



EDIT:  I think I just figured it out.  In topics with a "Poll".....anytime someone votes, even if they do not post a comment, it updates the thread as if a comment was posted.  Fairly annoying if you ask me!! 

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