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  1. I didn't read the last page. How is everyone's vacations going?
  2. We will never be able to do $10k worth of damage here like we could in EVE though
  3. Me coming back to read this thread a week later:
  4. Simple suggestion: either implement a cooldown timer after each game or cap how much earnings you can make from baseball in a day in terms of nerfing. That or just ban the obvious cheaters and change nothing.
  5. Miniputt makes or breaks anyone who plays it. Truly for those who desire high risk, high rewards.
  6. What even just happened? I didn't know we were doing coke now. I thought this was strictly a pepsi alliance 🤔
  7. Here in the anarcho-syndicalist corner, we got literature you can read right now for free: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/petr-kropotkin-the-conquest-of-bread
  8. Pinochet eliminated the Chilean constitution, their congress, any opposing political parties, actual freedom of speech, habeas corpus, trade unions, and tortured dissidents in a soccer stadium. Doing this all with a secret police that he established undemocratically. You can't say commies are bad because of the USSR/China then turn around and say this guy was good.
  9. I mean you got like 4 dudes in Kingsglaive. I'm not as highly-scored as any of them, but I think at some point you're going to run into a numbers problem if you goad enough people into attacking.
  10. Fark is a name I haven't heard for a very long time like damn. I tend to underestimate how ancient we are on the internet at this point.
  11. Where'd the desert copypasta come from? I used to be all caught up with Goon lore.
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