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  1. Dang guys. I didn’t expect so much of y’all to come out here and say things. Thank you so much, giving me the feels. love and appreciate y’all.
  2. I'm not sure if saying goodbye here is even something people do or respect, but I feel that maybe this is how I obtain the necessary closure needed to finally walk away. Anyway... I am stepping away from Politics & War after years of game time. My time in Politics & War has been filled with tremendous ups and historical downs, but along that ride I've met some pretty awesome people, learned a lot about myself, and made lifelong friends. In fact, if it wasn't for Politics & War and my need to make things look awesome aesthetically and operate off-site pages, I wouldn't have the technical advantage I have today to start my own business or maintain a position/get promoted in my RL career. I've grown tremendously from where I was when I first put feet down on this world. I was an immature !@#$, made emotional decisions, and pissed a lot of people off. I've made my share of alliances (I think publicly the number is 89-100 now? lol) I could write a book on my life here but in reality only created a handful of fun places with some great friends and had a heck of a time doing it. My last project here was creating Atlas Technologies with some of the closer buds. Developing a system that allows for change, growth, and expansion. I stepped down as Chairman months ago, and that community is still thriving. I told people before that Atlas would be where I hang my hat and although I've had urge, offers, and ideas - I must stick by my word. RL is calling. I've just opened up my small business, I've got work going on there. I am migrating to a new career which is somewhat of a dream job and a total life changer. I also want to get into a few other things in multimedia with friends from PW and RL to just have some fun times, kick back, and chill. Devoting time to this game just doesn't fit within that schedule anymore. I guess I'll do some shout outs. There is no fricking way that I'll be able to name everyone, but if I miss someone that I've engaged with on a higher level, I apologize in advance. @Prefontaine the OG. One of the first guys I met when I joined years ago, who would have known that we lived in the same city and interacted through our careers? You've been solid to me throughout the years, I appreciate that. @Alex put a lot of trust in me to do admin/moderation things. From graphic work, forum moderation, SK moderation when that was a thing, and the design team. I know I'm not the most fun to work with especially when I'm passionate about making things better and more efficient, so thanks for dealing with my complaints and bullshit. You've helped me with RL as well as here and I thank you for that. If you're ever looking to get some staff, hit me up. @caanite/thewitchking/idk what name you go by now - (if y'all know who I'm talking about, tag him in this thread). Basically the best friend throughout the years, endless conversations IC/OOC and just a stellar sidekick to have around. If anyone dealt with my bullshit the most it would be you. We have grown apart in the last few years which fricking sucks, but just wanted you to know that I cherish our memories and you're someone I won't forget. @Tali you fit right into the Caanite category. Part of the ancient friend circle AND you're still sliding in my dms and in Atlas with me. We'll stay friends because that is just how we are, but you're awesome. We give each other that solid RL advice all the time and life wouldn't be the same without it. @Charlie Traveler @Kevanovia @Pika y'all are grouped together because I think we all met each other around the same time. Charlie, I miss you, wtf man. Kev, we still talk so I'm not worried about stepping away. Pika - ain't no way you're getting out of my life. Y'all come down to my state of residence and we'll get some beers. Thanks for a great friendship, relationship advice, jokes, and just being the true true. @Jordan we got along really fast, I'd trust you with my puppy and that says a lot. You're genuine, honest, and fun even if you are a little soft haha. I don't think we'll stop talking outside of PW we got that snapchat level of friendship. hah you're the best and I'm proud of how far you have come. I think that is where I'll end the shout outs - I definitely know I'm missing someone or a group of people and like I said no hard feelings. For those of you who clearly don't like me all I can say is, it sucks to suck - but seriously, you probably took this game too seriously for me to actually respect you on any type of level to be cool with you and for that, I'm sorry. Will I be back? I hope not. Everyone gets those itches once in a while though - maybe I'll return under some other name, maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones and stay away forever. I will not be going into VM and will be deleting entirely. If you'd like to keep in contact, I'm down. I'm still in the PW server/AtlasTek server shoot me a dm. Thanks again everyone, y'all be safe and nice to each other.
  3. On March 5th a small group of regular peoples decided to branch off and create Atlas Technologies with Jordan, Tiberius, and Myself as the original leaders within the alliance. Since then, we have created a pretty damn awesome community - developed a leadership team to help out new players to the game and keep the engines running - saw a new Chairman take hold of the direction of the alliance, and participated in our first war. Our community members worked to build our image through numerous graphic design advertisements, in-house engineering to create user management systems and our own Atlas discord bot, and even an ecommerce branch to provide merch to our members. We've pushed ourselves on social media to get more people to the game and possibly to our community, been featured numerous times on the PW socials & even on the new PW App! But we couldn't have done that all in a year without our friends, family, and our kick ass members! Happy Birthday Atlas!
  4. Being old and stuck playing this game gets you to a useless rep number.
  5. @Jordan is Varys bc he's soft.
  6. I was expecting worse - but now I'm going to use that as my nation anthem.
  7. I didn’t know him - but on behalf of the Atlas Community, our condolences for your friend and family member.
  8. I think you've inhaled too many missile fumes my friend. NO,ur iq
  9. You mistake my post for my own actual opinion - Im just posting the current argument. I could care less who is pointing fingers at who - liike micchan said people think they can actually win this game. No matter which way you put it, say it, throw it, kick it - the spherical politics, hegemony finger wagging and pointing, will always be here. no, ur IQ
  10. Generally that never happens here. If one party is being accused of something they will deny it while the other party continued to press the narrative. Here we have a large sphere being accused to be hegemony and a threat to the world. They don’t think they are and have actively campaigned against it. The other side was thrown under the bus for planning an offensive attack. You’re saying a VIP knew nothing. do you see the patterns yet? Have you looked back at previous wars? this war will continue on with T$ lessening the charge of that sphere - they will likely begrudgingly hold out longer than needed before trying to make peace but not before claiming the other side is IQ. (Just thoughts) and then we will all peace bc nobody wants to be IQ.
  11. Eh. Who's to say that military leader isn't just saying that to push their own narrative that they weren't going to attack? People aren't so innocent here as you may *want* to think. Even if it is true - the idea that there would be a possible offensive attack is enough (in my book) to build up and preempt that possible offensive. So, with logs provided, that is the only motivation really needed to get the soldiers lined up. If you truly are new to the game - I'd suggest reading back on the wiki of the few past wars. Many start with logs, regardless of who these people talked to OR what people say on either side, each side will always have their narrative. That narrative is accepted or rejected by whoever wants to accept or reject. Your argument - that there were less ore more people in the know, really doesn't matter at all to the grand scheme of things. Even if you took this at face value SOLELY you have logs identifying plans to offensively strike a sphere. That sphere was threatened and preempted. Another sphere jumped in with their CB that aligns with what the logs say. Its basic. Coming on here doing what you're doing isn't bad, it sometimes broadens the story which is awesome. When I write articles, getting people's story is the main part of the job - but not providing more background makes what you're saying fall negatively or flat, generally for both sides of the argument. If you got logs of your own, post them up and spice up the narratives!
  12. I saw you comment on the Atlas Wire article about this - the screenshot of Boyce was in there, used from a public forum. I'm quite sure this is just a way to rile people up and the amount of large words people are using in this thread has given me the spins. - but if you aren't just trolling to make people upset - play the game a bit longer and actually see how these wars happen, leaks, rumors, and all the BS that sits between. This war might not be cut and dry to some - but you're seriously looking at the arming up of a group, while logs from another group are leaked with specific words adding up to an offensive attack on a force they were threatened by. The illusions that people talked to other people - I don't really see where that plays a part or why it would even matter if other people talked to other people. I don't think there is any major leader in this game that doesn't run scenarios like this with their inner circles - when you're on top you're a target and that cycle continues every war, this one isn't any different.
  13. These are just a few Atlas Technologies internal propaganda pieces that I whipped up a bit ago. We have our own little propaganda section going on. Don't forget to check out Atlas Wire's coverage on GW16: https://atlaswire.net/crushing-global-war-16/
  14. A little late due to some RL and In-Game thingy things. But here are the winners for our Punkin Contest at Atlas Technologies. 1st Place: Babyyoda (54 UpVotes from the PW Community) - Prize: ATPC 2020 Badge + $100m 2nd Place: Flavee (38 UpVotes from the PW Community) - Prize: ATPC 2020 Badge + $50m 3rd Place: Bloodbath (24 UpVotes from the PW Community) - Prize: ATPC 2020 Badge + $25m WORST Place: Denmark (24 DownVotes from the PW Community) - Prize: ATPC Worst Submission Badge We had 13 Submissions - and a whole ton of voting. It was a good time - Until Next year!
  15. Guess What - voting has just started for our Punkin Submissions too! Come help us pick some winners (or losers). https://discord.gg/qYAGBB
  16. I am once again asking for your help with getting Alex away from making everything blue and white. 😂
  17. If you’re upset about not being in the Team - gosh. I’m sorry, but you provided no substance to your app and unlike other teams here - I’m not allowing nonsense in the team. im sorry you didn’t get picked for a team in kickball but this ain’t the thread for it.
  18. That is where the 'minimal style' comes in to play - we want to take that bulk of the menu and actually shorten it up. I apologize if that wasn't clear - this post just shows and is looking for feedback on a top nav. Resource bar below or above. Simple. Here's some plans for the future of this project: 1. We want to minimize the clicks - so while we are working on this project, we also have other projects underway that reduce the amount of screens you see to get to the destination you're heading. For example - military units. There are 7 separate pages to update/edit your units. We want to make this 1 screen with all of the information provided for you to 1 click or input your own value for units. This would require 1 link at the top nav for 'military' instead of 7. 2. High Traffic Links - like you said and like @Hime-sama just said mirroring your feedback in a DM on discord - we don't want you to have to navigate through a drop down to get to those high traffic links like; revenue, wars, trade...etc. When we minimize the style of the menu and when I say minimize I don't mean make the font smaller - just the scale of the menu. You'll be able to group those low traffic links into their categories, stuff that doesn't need that fast response.... and then provide your personal high traffic links to the top nav for one click access. So, take a look at this mockup I just threw together real quick (don't mind the spacing, color, etc....this is just a general idea of what we are actually heading for) So, the left side will have your hot/high traffic links that some of y'all are worried about losing access to - not every one is there right now because I just threw this together in 5 minutes. The left side holds your heavy menu items like world, community, account - and of course your inbox. I added some flair to the inbox just to show what we could go for. View Nation, Revenue, My Wars, Alliance, (add military) would be all one click access. Things that i'm posting to the design team and alex right now are: -Lets make those hot links configurable to players - we can do that on mobile, so why not on larger displays. This way you're in control of what you want for your hot link access - if you're a raider, get your war military options, if you're a trader - get your market, options....etc. I hope this helps better with a visualization of where we *want* to head to - but again the primary focus here was 'hey, y'all like a top nav.' This does help tho. Shoutout to Hime for helping me out with the mock.
  19. Atlas Technologies Administration Offices Announcement: Organizational Update Public Relations: Tali Corporate Contact: Jordan To: Stakeholders; Shareholders; World Community Earlier this week, Atlas Technologies Administration initiated their succession process for the Chairman role of the organization. Mad Max - Chairman of the Board lead the effort to identify and assess potential candidates for consideration by the full board of directors. The duty of the acting Chairman is to provide the vision of the organization as a whole and after assessments were made and complete a successor has been identified. Mad Max has maintained his position as Chairman for the organization's existence, some 227 days. During this time, shares have risen and internal and external growth goals have been met. Earlier this quarter, Atlas Technologies saw a partnership upgrade with their early investor, Camelot and the organization has maintained a low turnover rate for employment carrying on average 40 employees. Statement from Mad Max - Chairman of Atlas Technologies "Over the course of my career in leadership here - I have often times acted with ill-pride and ego which has led to a more abrasive characteristic of myself. During the creation of our great company, I accepted the role as Chairman to champion our group ideas to build a foundation of progression, difference, and quality - things I have failed at in the past. My time within the highest role within Atlas Technologies has only been made successful by the great leadership team we have installed over the course of our existence in Orbis - I cannot take full, only partial credit for our successes over the last 227 days. My departure from the role as Chairman is not due to any personal reasons, nor the duties tasked to me as Chairman - rather - I want to continue championing the foundation principals of our company that we hold deepest to our core. Putting my pride and ego to the side and allowing fresh eyes and further progression into our operations is a necessary move to continue to meet our goals and add further success to our portfolio. At the time of this announcement to our employees, stakeholders, and shareholders - I would have already confirmed leadership transitions and installed Jordan as the new Chairman of Atlas Technologies. Jordan has not only embodied the principals of our organization, but he has consecutively gone above and beyond his own duties within his role as Director of Strategic Investments. Included in this decision and assessment of Jordan as successor was not only his role within the company, but his role as a friend to me as well as to many others throughout the world of Orbis. His attitude, demeanor, and character profile is and has always been outstanding. The role of the Chairman is to provide the vision for the future of the company - if anyone is qualified the most for this charge, it is Jordan. Thank you Board of Directors for your support during my lead and Congratulations to Jordan for your new role as Chairman of Atlas Technologies. I know in my heart, you will go above and beyond where I left it. Mad Max Atlas Technologies Administrative Offices" TL;DR Mad Max has stepped down as Chairman of Atlas Technologies & the Sweet Sweet Boy from Narnia is the successor.
  20. Not to sound - harsh - but nowhere does it say mobile would be affected by this change, in fact 2 of us on the design team have said that mobile wouldn't change. The idea of a total site re-design is to make the site responsive - which means no matter what device you use it on, the user would have the same usability and ease of access to all areas of the site. This is something Alex has been working to implement through various portions of the site already. Integrating the Footer/Header portions of the site to that responsive design means he can then move to the body of the site - which he hopes would push to a quicker resolution to a site-wide update. We have thought of this - which is why we stated mobile wouldn't be affected and only larger displays would see a new top nav - something that mobile is slightly already utilizing. Generating ideas is easy, implementing them is hard because people choose not to read, ask questions, or focus on 1 minute detail of an idea or potential design without providing the positive feedback within their response that actually aids the design and site development team with what they need to proceed. I'll outline a few portions of this navigation for those of you who are here: 1. This will not affect the way you navigate in mobile mobile users already utilize a top nav and due to the screen size on mobile devices, your menu would appear like any type of menu appearing from the side of the screen by clicking that hamburger icon. This is a widely used practice for any application or responsive site. 2. The offered mock-ups in the OP are not considered 'finished' - they are just a visual of the idea presented to the design team from Alex. We take on his ideas and plans and create what it could look like - he weighs in, we work in developing a modern style-look, as well as something that is smart and user friendly. We then take our designs to alex as well as YOU so we can get some good feedback. 3. I've been PW discord mod, Forum Mod, in the Closed Dev discussions back in the day, and the recent dev team - and I can personally say that out of all those teams, the Design team is not only the most fun to work in, but has a solid group of people that actually focus on what you need and what would actually BE needed as the site continues to change and update with Alex and his Dev. Suggesting that we are only here because we are 'buddies' with Alex is wrong and quite ignorant. Each team member provides me with a portfolio and answers to a short questionnaire to determine if they would be fit to help out the team. We are literally taking time out of our lives, for no pay or benefit whatsoever besides a group color and achievement in-game to assist with site changes and aesthetics development. We are working for all players and encouraging positive feedback from the community before any changes are made through our side - we rely on it. That being said, be the change you wish to see in the world. If you think you could provide a good perspective to the design team, my discord DMs are open.Mad Max#0001 - hit me up and I'll provide you an app.
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