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  1. Well fought by all sides. Glad to see we can have wars that aren't toxic.
  2. My children, going off to war, as I get beaten to death. I promise kids, these tears of blood I shed are proud tears. GLHV
  3. I look forward to the thrilling war I have ahead of me. @Prefonteenit will be in the form of a rap battle, correct?
  4. Touche, good sir. Touche.
  5. Crucifixion you say? First you wish to touch my cheeks, now you want to nail me? My girlfriend will certainly be giving me an angry call tonight. Will you at least call me after it happens? We can go get supper? Also, if I get crucified, do I get a cool religion like that one guy?
  6. Please leave your name, phone number, and message at the beep, and I shall get back to you whenever I am able to...... beeeeeeep.
  7. Hello to you too. I'm a friendly person, with a healthy relationship with my girlfriend, please stay away from my rear, and do not touch my cheeks. I do not consent to this.
  8. I'm just curious. For those who made, say.... 20 to 30 thousand tanks building up to the NAP, they would have lost out on thousands of steel. Would people be reimbursed for the steel, or did they just happen to have bad luck and even worse timing? Edit: In the time it took me to write this, three other people asked the same question. My god.
  9. Tarroc

    World Ellie Day

    @Yui You already get the vast majority of my Ellie Photos, but here are three more, just for you. SMH. Bad pirates get put in the naughty, no raiding corner to think about what they've done.
  10. I pledge my sword to the banner of the King in the North, Zygon Stark By the old gods and the new down with the tyranny of the Squeegee with honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all
  11. I have no personal interest in this, but generally that's not something you need to say. If one need to SAY they're not a terrorist organization, there are things to be concerned about.
  12. Tarroc

    War Slot Filling

    I see what you are saying, but I would like to bring up a few points. The first, and primary disagreement I have with your statement is that this is not the first time such a this has occurred, There have been many instances of people dropping out of alliances to raid inactive members before, as has been stated by multiple people on this thread, yet I do not recall many, if any, instances of those being marked as slot filling, so I would like to express concern there. The second point I would like to address is the matter of the concept of it being a "fledgling raid." The raids were done to be triumphant victories, as Sphinx said, that was discussed in the tCW government channel. The members were not told to do the least amount of damage possible, they were told to get triumphant victories, which they did. We specifically discussed if this would be considered slot filling, because as an alliance, we did not intend on breaking the rules, again I address Sphinx offering to allow you to see what we said and when we said it in our gov channel for clarity. If it was known we would have to have max soldiers, I assure you, that would have been done, but that brings me to my third point. If the wars were declared, and multiple days was spent just making soldiers, would the same claim not have been made? That this was a case of slot filling? The members declared their wars with their soldiers, and attempted to raid in a timely manner, which is reasonable, in my opinion. It seems unfair to mark members down with slot filling for a rule that they, and it seems many here, did not know existed. My fourth and final post, and thank you to everyone who has come with me on this journey, I apologize for making you read my words but won't pay for your therapy, is that in the instance of Medici, he was a member of tCW. That means myself, Sphinx, and every other member of gov who has access to the alliance control panel, can see what he possesses in his nation, and we looked at that and came to the conclusion that, despite Medici possessing a few hundred million dollars, that was not a concern for us, as the alliance makes enough money to recoup that in the span of a few days, as are a large alliance. What Medici possessed that was valuable was the resources, both refined and raw, which were worth far more than the money itself he possessed, and the only method with which those raw and refined resources could be recovered would be, naturally as you know, via defeating Medici in a war, commonly known as "beiging" a nation. Your point of saying we desire to keep Medici on beige indefintely is unfair due to this reason, as the game as it is currently structured, forces us to beige Medici in order to recover that which we desire, his raw and refined resources.
  13. Tarroc

    War Slot Filling

    So, and I will accept the warning point against my account in this matter, is this an official statement that any and all raid wars that take place without being on pirate, and having max soldiers are slot filling? If that is the case, fine, so be it, but then the same ruling should apply to every other nation that does the same thing. If that is not the case, then this would be a discrepancy in moderation, and would be a clear red flag, at least in my opinion @Alex
  14. So, just to clarify. The number 113 alliance, with eight members, and an average score of 442 and a total score of 3,562.02 is declaring war on the number 6 alliance, with 187 members, and an average score of 1,252.05 score, for a total of 234,132.44 score? I appreciate the enthusiasm, but there's a clear ending here.
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