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  1. Tarroc

    What's the next move after the war?

    Upvoted simply because the statement "Buorhann is a fricking tank of a man" made me laugh for some reason.
  2. Tarroc

    Always & Forever

    Post an alliance link or it doesn't count.
  3. So we meet again 👀
  4. Tarroc

    We are here for the Whales

    I suppose that depends on whether or T$ cares how you perceive the situation, which they don't seem to. You know how to get to their discord, feel free to go ask them what they think of the optics of the situation.
  5. Tarroc

    We are here for the Whales

    Heavens, I feel so famous having so many people respond to me. Since every single person seems to be saying the exact same thing, I will point some things out. One. I said Polaris was being attacked. I never said they didn't attack first. Secondly, it doesn't matter who attacked first, because if you would take a few moments to look at the alliance page, you would see under the "Type" listing, next to the word Polaris, is "ODoAP." For those who aren't in the best department, also known as Foreign Affairs, and doesn't know what an ODoAP is, which seems to be most of you, an ODoAP is an Optional Defense, Optional Aggression Pact. Polaris decided to attack, and so NPO had the OPTION of joining in. Thank you for joining my TED talks
  6. Tarroc

    We are here for the Whales

    Interesting. Nothing like seeing the Orbis brought together by a war. <image removed for filter evasion> As for the people who are angry NPO and T$ are joining, and want to disregard the fact that Polaris, an ally of NPO is being attacked and so T$ and NPO have every right to enter this war, I have a present for you all. @chanel
  7. Tarroc


    @LeftbehindEven if we are on opposite sides of the war, I still invite you to listen to the next talk show, and I promise I'll be nice to you in the show lol
  8. Tarroc

    The cure for everything is saltwater

    Wait a second.... Arrgh still exists? Who knew? 😝 How has life on the high seas been?
  9. Tarroc

    TF Announcements

    So, Pantheon and The Federation now have a Mutual Defense Pact apparently. The Federation is a Protectorate of Frontier Records now. Frontier Records has a Mutual Defense )ptional Aggression Pact with The Commonwealth, meaning Pantheon is now distantly linked to their old buddies, The Commonwealth, via the chain of treaties between alliances. But wait, there's more! The Commonwealth has a Mutual Defense Pact with The Black Knights, meaning Pantheon is distantly linked to The Black Knights. But wait! It gets even better! As I said, Pantheon is distantly linked with The Commonwealth, and do you all know who The Commonwealth is linked to? The Commonwealth has a PIAT (Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty) with Dark Brotherhood, who happens to be a Protectorate of a certain New Pacific Order, meaning Pantheon is distantly linked with New Pacific Order, who just so happens to have a Mutual Defense Optional Aggression Pact with the old friends of Pantheon, The Syndicate. Pantheon having a Mutual Defense Pact with The Federation links Pantheon into a chain of treaties that contains New Pacific Order (The #1 Alliance), Black Knights (The #2 Alliance), The Commonwealth (The #3 Alliance), Frontier Records (The #12 Alliance), Dark Brotherhood (The #15 Alliance)! Does any of this matter? Absolutely not! You posted that, and literally seconds later, I mention it. Lmao
  10. Oh. No, hard feelings. Carry on and have a good day. BK STRONK.
  11. Disregard this post.
  12. As the leader of Nova, as someone who possibly did not question and just let the benefits be reaped, should Pooball not be punished? If he didn't know, it was because he did not WANT to know, he's the leader of Nova Riata, he should be held accountable and he punished along with the person who did the act. You can't tell me this didn't happen without his permission, he had to have known something was up, and he chose to not stop it.
  13. Tarroc

    Surf's Up

    Knightfall V2?
  14. Tarroc

    Do me a favor?

    @Sunara I feel obligated to say I have a crush on you? Right? I gotta keep it up, or I'll get divorced lmao. Ich liebe dich, liebling. 😘

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