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  1. On the one hand, I have no idea who any of these alliances are, so I can't really claim to care. On the other hand, as someone playing at being a Roman, seeing a Roman alliance lose and disband does cause me some semblance of sorrow. Ah well, the only thing to do now is to burn more Swamp nations.
  2. *Insert Arthur Morgan last ride gif here*
  3. We keep dragging him back into the spotlight. He's a snake, he needs to stay in the sun to stay alive and warm, if he goes without it for too long, he'll fall into a coma.
  4. No thanks to your father. I see how it is, Koru. My heart weeps, but I'll endure.
  5. Let me begin this by saying I am not the one who has the condition forcing me to walk away. I want people to know that it is not my own health that has led to this decision, but the health of an extremely close relative. With that being said, and with the name of this announcement, it is undoubtedly clear what this is, but I will say it anyway. Earlier today, I received devastating news that a very close relative of mine has been diagnosed with what they believe to be cancer. It is this news that has led to my official resignation from the position of Vice President of Foreign Affa
  6. Atlan, I didn't see any mention of your one true love, Tarroc in that statement. Didn't you get the memo, every member of TLE's gov is in love with me apparently. All joking aside, I wish you nothing but the best going forward outside of the game. We didn't have a ton of interactions, but from the interactions we did have, I had nothing but good memories of you, and I could tell you were a great person. I hope we can still speak on occasion. Remember, now that you're retired, you get to enjoy the best food and drink, and leave the work for the younglings. Make em earn for their ke
  7. I'm bored and can't be bothered to think about how to do this properly. Best Bromance: Since I don't know anyone else who has a family together, I feel it would be remiss of me to not nominate @Putmir and myself as the best bromance
  8. You know the rules, Fisty. You want an opinion on the forums, you gotta come back to the game. Pantheon may be looking for a new leader. I do have to point out, taking shots at Partisnek isn't a good way to get T$ to protect you again. Just a friendly piece of advice. Jesus, Sphinx, paragraph spacing was invented for a reason, or has the technology not made it that far south yet?
  9. Let the sky be red, and may the ground be ash. Nukes from the first day to the last day. They shall break upon these walls, we've seen it before. Our will is as iron.
  10. Sure, you can get in line. Half a dozen other people in this game do.
  11. Listen here you little bastard. One: Putmir is my wife, no calling my wife your daddy. Two: I married Putmir, I had children with Putmir, only I get to bully that sexy fox.
  12. That's fine, but don't portray it as the treaty was done to help tCW get on its feet. tCW had been through worse and had survived. tCW was on its feet, it was just looking for allies. As we said in the chat itself, tCW was intending on joining Swamp, and that it was a trial period. You and Alexio talked about it needing to be a trial period, and nothing that was said in your screenshot gives any sense of it being a temporary thing to help tCW get on its feet. What Sphinx is talking about is his desire to get rid of TEst as allies, as well as Carthago, and fix internal issues, espec
  13. Thanks for @ing me so I could know when you responded. Don't worry though, I'm still here. Let's address a few things here. The first of which is, no, you're not gonna wiggle out of this one. You did indeed caution that that tCW bloc joining Swamp would make it too large, I will confirm this is true, you and the other Swamp reps did do this. That being said, the desire of this was not to get tCW on its feet, Tyrion, I'm not gonna let you try to make that argument. More than a few full on discussions happened as to which tCW allies would be dropped, one of which was TEst, although U
  14. So I'm not here to comment about the first half of this post, that's been done to death. I am here, however, to comment about the second half of this post. As someone who was in that chat, Tyrion, that's a bold face lie. I was in this chat from the beginning of it, and I left when I left The Commonwealth. I was vocal in that chat, I was very active in that chat, and I read all of the messages of that chat. I was there, as I was serving as the head of Foreign Affairs. at no point whatsoever was it ever said the treaty was to help TCW get back on its feet. As someone who was there, w
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