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  1. Tarroc

    Do me a favor?

    @Sunara I feel obligated to say I have a crush on you? Right? I gotta keep it up, or I'll get divorced lmao. Ich liebe dich, liebling. 😘
  2. Tarroc

    Do me a favor?

  3. Tarroc

    Do me a favor?

    A CRUSH on someone? Like.... do you have romantic feelings for someone you've met in this game?
  4. Tarroc

    KNN-Its the end as we know it

    You bless me with this gift. Danke, Danke.
  5. Tarroc

    KNN-Its the end as we know it

    Thank you, thank you, I have indeed worked hard. I'll accept my payments in cash or credit, @katashimon13
  6. Tarroc

    A Serious Message For Orbis

    You aren't begging, mate. You are a man asking for help, there is no shame in that. There is never shame in asking for help, I only wish I had the ability to help you, mate. I'm sorry that I can't help you when you need help, Biel.
  7. Tarroc

    Afrika gets Solar Power

    Knight Templar man bad.
  8. Tarroc

    Afrika gets Solar Power

    I love all these treaties being formed. They make it bloody fun studying the alliance web display.
  9. Tarroc

    Our not so secret war

  10. But that's Pantheon's official game! Pantheon loves to do that!
  11. Which is the alternative? Waste/Rot away? Be chipped away at by the smaller alliances?
  12. Fourth, Velium had to flex on ya and steal third lol
  13. First Damnit it Krampus
  14. Tarroc

    Triumph and Existence

    Hey there mate. Long time no talk. How is Nova?
  15. Tarroc

    Triumph and Existence

    No, I respond in this nature when you decide to try to take shots after a joke. If an individual wishes to be polite and civilized, then I have no qualms being polite and civilized as well. You came to me in DMs time and time again to complain about things in Pantheon and talk about leaving, so I had no reason to be harsh or blunt with you. You decided too try to come after me here though, so yes, I decided to smack you down.

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