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  1. Best of luck to you and The Federation going forward, Kosta. May a quick and easy rebuild be on your horizon.
  2. We're being overwhelmed? Why did no one tell me? @Karl VII Karl, why did you not tell me we were being overwhelmed here in BK? Truly, I am shooketh. The damage to our morale must truly be staggering. Good heavens, I can't look at our discord, the heartbreak must be so potent.
  3. This is Camelot declaring war on tCW and the others who declared against us.
  4. https://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/Knightfall KNIGHTFALL TWO, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO
  5. Tarroc

    The War

    There have been dozens of threads about this. This war isn't ending until Coalition A surrenders and Coalition B accepts the surrender. A long term ceasefire is basically a White Peace, and there's a 0% of that happening at this point.
  6. I know this topic was aimed at the leadership of the coalitions, and I'm certainly not leadership, but I'd hazard a guess this comes down to a history of bad blood. I wasn't in the game back then, but as far as I know, the bad blood between Black Knights, The Knights Radiant, New Pacific Order, and The Syndicate goes back nearly three years at this point, back to Trail Of Tiers. I don't know where the bad blood that exists between BK, NPO, and KT comes from, but I'd guess Ayyslamic Crusade. Leadership on both sides clearly dislikes the other side's leadership, and there has been multiple big wars between those two sides, further solidifying everything in the trenches they are then. The Zero-Sum War likely stems from the assumption that the next major war will likely be once again between these groups, so when one side has a chance to beat the other side down as much as possible, and weaken them as much as possible in a war where they have the dominant position, it seems natural to capitalize on the chance while it exists, to benefit them the next time the war comes around. As I said however, I don't know any of these things, I'm not gov, I don't lead the coalitions, and I haven't been around long enough to have experienced these things for myself. This is just my guess, and is not an official statement from BK.
  7. I'll channel my inner Scotsman and wear a kilt, and no shirt.
  8. Wir werden uns durch die Nacht und durch den Schnee kämpfen!
  9. Please, report me again. I want Alex to bless me by smiting my posts. I'm sorry, I'm not following. You want what? More war? Well Leo isn't one for war, but if you're sure, I'm sure @Curufinwe and I can convince him to give you the war you want.
  10. Hiya Pref. Was trying to understand the comments of the person I quoted, but I do appreciate your repeating of the fact you want peace terms,
  11. I do have to wonder. Whatever makes you think we are running out of money and resources? It's really quite easy to sustain sitting on people. If you're waiting for us to run out of money and resources, I'm sorry to tell you, you'll be waiting for a LOOOONG time champ.
  12. As you said many times in Kick The Baby "Tarroc's statements don't represent the position of BK" but I find Panth's bank being stolen by you hilarious. That you could mock Pantheon in your show, mock Pantheon in their discord, mock Pantheon to Nomi's virtual face when he joined Matthew's show, and still be given enough power in Pantheon to steal their bank is the peak of Pantheon's incompetence.
  13. Just idle curiosity. I find it hard to imagine leaks will make a big difference in anything. Horns are locked, and Kastor Basically said BK and NPO will continue this as long as it takes. Based on the fact that Roq is here taking shots, it doesn't seem like, at least to me, people are concerned about it. This just seems like inconsequential beef at this point.
  14. Congrats, You got Pantheoned. Dunno what you can do about it, it's not against the rules of the game.
  15. @SphinxRegardless of the decision that's made, you and I both know the truth. Tarroc is love, Tarroc is life.
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