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  1. Ocelot

    Why the wall is a great idea

    Trump is a salesman and a scammer. Talking about the wall's efficiency is meaningless because there will never be one, at least not as Trump supporters imagine it. At the very best, the government may deliver some half-assed construction to deal with voters who are still expecting a big-ass wall to be erected all across the border and this will be it. But this was never about immigration, it is about the angry and scared people who used to be middle class and are trying to cope with being poor and left behind. It is about the people who got scammed into believing they would be middle class forever and are now getting scammed into supporting a populist leader who wasn't even paying his own workers when he was a businessman. I wonder what will happen when Trump leaves office and all these fanatics realize they are still poor, forgotten and hooked into opiates.
  2. Ocelot

    Describe the above's profile picture

    A generic guy
  3. Ocelot

    Politics and... War?

    Calling it "'Politics, Economics and War" would be like calling pepper "spicy pepper".
  4. Ocelot


    @Ripper Ohhh και εσύ αθηναίος? Cool.
  5. Ocelot

    Casual conversation thread

    It's finally getting really cold and I'm getting comfy af. Drinking flavored filter coffee. Speaking of coffee, what does PW drink? Coffee or tea? And what type/variety? How much do you sugarcoat your drinks? I drink instant and filtered coffee without milk or sugar (aka black). I may drink tea sometimes with some sugar.
  6. Ocelot


    Hi there, I am Ocelot, the newest addition to Orbis. I live in Greece and study to be an accountant. I am a member of the NPO. Feel free to give me cookies, catnip, electronic music and anything you need to organize into excel spreadsheets. How are you today?

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