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  1. Kino

    DEFCON 1 Declaration of Existence (DOE)

    Welcome we all hope you enjoy your stay in playing p&w
  2. We can all agree to disagree on many subjects like the subject of me beaing an intorvert ?

    1. Big Brother

      Big Brother

      Or about how to spell "being" and "introvert" :P

    2. Kino


      I need to start looking at what I type lol

    3. Big Brother

      Big Brother

      Lmao yeah, that tends to be a good idea :lol:

  3. Kino

    How far we have fallen

    Well what we can say now i guess is Viva La Bounties!
  4. Im bored so who here is exited for avengers infinity war?

  5. Ive been playing for like a month and half by now but was too lazy to make a forum account but here i am now ?

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